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  1. Appreciate that Cold I am just waying the options of trying a 3d printed version or just getting ones that are pre-made.
  2. Ive been able to find some Danvise replacement jaws for about 30 bucks. Anyone seen any other jaws around for that price or lower? Would love to see what other options are out there.
  3. Id be curious to see what Heavynets has to has about the first vise he shared, It seems it gave him good small hook holding capabilities, have the jaws held up well over time heavynets?
  4. The stainless I have been looking at is said to be a 420 Stainless infused with bronze giving a final composition of 60% Steel and 40% Bronze roughly I wont have much else for choices, at least 3D printing wise. I could hunt around for other print company's to see if other compositions are possible
  5. No worries Nick I didnt put the proper material on the render The Danvise seems to do a pretty good job being nearly entirely build of Delrin. The only parts not delrin are 2 bearings, a couple washers, the 2 jaw sides, thumb screws and a couple embedded nuts within the peices to set resistance on the rotary area.
  6. Ahh thanks heavynets. You did a great job on it! Are you aware of anyone supplying jaw sets at all? Thought about 3d printing everything and finding a supply of jaws as well. I wish I could get my hands on a collet style so I can understand it better. An early rendering of a Danvise I did for practice and to understand better.
  7. Thanks for sharing heavynets. The antler vise, very creative by the way! Is that a stainless jaw set? If so, are you just using the thumb screw to set tension on the hooks? Also, your 2nd vise, the peak vise, with the upgrade looks great. Would you care to speak on the price of the arm you made? It looks solid so I am assuming its fairly substantial. Great looking though. I would also assume you used the peak jaws with your new arm. And lastly. I am not sure I follow your comment on 3D Stainless where you say it is not hard but its very tough. Do you mean the alloy its self is pretty soft, possible due to the bronze in it, but its tough in that it doesn't flex etc? Thank you. I am sure I can make the entire body of the vise for a relatively low cost, Ill probably use a couple bearings and a couple bolts/screws, its just if I want to do 3d printed jaws ill need to think of something different.
  8. Thank you for sharing Crackaig. That was helpful!
  9. Hi all! I have been thinking of my next project for 3D printing & CAD. My last, Education Brake Caliper (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1362673). Back on topic! I am thinking about taking on a Fly Tying Vise as my next project. I do have a vise with me which has a lever type jaw. I haven't had a chance to be hands on with a collet style vises as of yet. Id like to keep as much of the vise 3D printed as I can. I feel confident id be able to do about all of it aside from some bearings and some screws etc. I will/may look to more developed 3d printing methods for items such as the jaws. Id love to hear folks' feedback on superior jaw types. In order to keep costs down I need to minimize 3d printed metal parts. I can see a short pare of lever style jaws, collet style seems to just a pretty substantial length of metal. I like 3D printing and enjoy the challenges of intricate models vs. trinket printing. Anyways, any feedback ya'll might have would be great, area's of concern, places to focus on etc. Thanks all! Chris,
  10. There is a group that goes to clean the place up from time to time, its location makes it tricky to get over there at will. Which is actually a good thing, thats why its still so untouched unlike most other historic places. a few of the buildings are still plenty dry enough to stay in as well
  11. Just some derelict vehicles found around an abandoned logging camp Recognize any of these?
  12. Very true! I ended up going when it rained all day Heading back later this month and hopefully it will be a better day! I like the island as well, its a great place.
  13. Thanks for the fast reply C, Im extremly new to fly tying so a LOT...ok ok, all of your terms used im not familiar with. Slip wings, quills, biots, ..."come to take slips off", fibers are considered the fuzies lol, and quill is the bone-ish part of the feather. I feel if your interested in explaining this to me, ill have a great idea what you ment due to the photos you've provided. As for drying any bad parts, I guess there will only be 1 joint exposed from cutting the wings so thats all ill have to focus on, just place that tip/joint in regular old table salt eh? Will I experiance any rot or insects etc from the other part of the wings, under the feathers... I appreciate your time C. Chris,
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