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    Don't judge the spinning rod, used a weighted zonker/woolly bugger on a small creek to bring this nice 22" bow in
  2. Caught a nice rainbow on the zonker-ish pattern but the middle one really needs a bead head or lead weight to counteract the hackle and deer hair which basically made it float unless you let it sit until it got really water logged.
  3. The first image is my woolly zonker but I forgot the hackle collar and marabou tail I added to the other one posted here which didn't get dried properly after I used it. The second is a woolly bugger with a hair wing to give it a more defined minnow profile.
  4. Has anybody experimented with combining different streamer patterns? I'm working on a woolly zonker type of thing right now with some pretty good results(22" rainbow first time out), any other combinations I should try?
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