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  1. Does anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive, small (about 5"x4"), and thin fly box with foam slits? I would like to carry a box of midges and another box of baetis patterns. I do not like the thick boxes as they add too much bulk for my rain jacket. My fly patterns are small (a few size 16, mostly 18 and 20, but down to size 26 on some midges). Thank you.
  2. This is my first post to the forum. I have used a GoPro Hero for 2 years now filming fishing trips and skiing. It is also good fun to put it on a grandkid's head when they are playing as you get a very unique perspective. I have had difficulty with the on/off button and have ended up with lots of unwanted video. Following are recommendations for using the GoPro for capturing video of fishing. 1. Use the waterproof case and add the flotation to the back (an option available at GoPro called the floaty backdoor; see http://gopro.com/camera-accessories/floaty-backdoor). The camera will not float and if you take a swim at least you have a chance to recover the camera. 2. Use the headstrap mount (see http://gopro.com/camera-mounts/head-strap-mount). This allows the camera to capture what you see and provides great flexibilty for your video capture. You can remove the camera and place it on shore and film yourself holding a fish and releasing a fish. You can also quickly remove the camera for underwater footage. Try to get as close as possible to a rising fish so that the take does not seem too far away given the wide angle of the lens. You easily can take it off and let a fishing partner wear it with minor adjustments of the strap. 3. Pre-edit the video clips with a free software called MPEG Streamclip (download from http://www.squared5.com/) and then save the clips with your naming conventions. You can reduce a 35 minute clip to a few segments of a few minutes each with each segment saved as a separate file. 4. Reformat the memory card after each use. I use a 32Gig San Extreme card Class 10 (This is important). 5. Use a bit of RainX so the water will not "stick" for your rainy days and underwater shots. Carry a cloth for drying. I would not recommend a chest mount nor a handle mount for fly fishing. After I edit my video (I use Sony Movie Studio Platinum) I render the video in M2TS format (best for YouTube and Facebook) or AVI (best for making DVDs). Enjoy your camera as it is heaps of fun.
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