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  1. Neither fabric dyes nor feather/hair dyes seem to work.............
  2. Does anyone know how to dye synthetic fibers such as EP Fiber and Zelon?
  3. I want to identify mayfly in my area. Having problems to ID and that affects my confidence during the already technical fall baetis hatch at local spring creeks. I'm sure attached are within "Baetidae". But as you can see, these are not typical "dark olive", which we usually fish for at this time of year. What we typically call BWO around here are, regardless of technical latin or classification, dark-olive and sizes 20 & 22. But these are gray, light gray, or even light olive body. One even has somewhat reddish/pinkish abdomen! And majority of these are size 24. Another problem is that I can't find aquatic entomologists around here (quite a shame as our area is one of top fly-fishing destinations in Montana, if not entire US.....). What should I do? I know Troutnut and Westfly websites. Is there anybody I can send my pics and viral samples?
  4. I'm in the same spot with the same questions as Papa VV. Discussion here is very helpful.
  5. Thanks members. I'm looking for dyed olive aftershaft to play with Green Drake nymph and emerger patterns. So probably partridge skin dyed olive would be the most reasonable product? I have Whiting's American hen saddle grizzly dyed olive and I can find aftershaft here and there but not as many as with ringneck or hun......
  6. Which bird(s) or skin product(s) contain most number of aftershaft plumes? Or more than the other, comparison sort......
  7. A couple of brandnew midge patterns from my bench. These have become killers to target super selective midge-sipping trout, including some big ones, at Livingston's spring creeks! http://leftytyer.blogspot.com/search/label/midge Midge APE (Adult, Pupa, Emerger) Pupaerger (Pupa + Emerger) Last but not least, here's my proudest catch........
  8. In addition to original BWO version, I have added more variation of my Winged Victory Nymph! Two versions of PMD and one for Sulphur. Get ready for summer hatches at spring creeks! http://leftytyer.blogspot.com/2013/05/winged-victory-nymph-more-variations.html This is the original BWO version. Tying video is somewhere on YouTube. Actually .
  9. Compara/Sparkle Duns are good. No offense on me or patterns but I'd rather call them "basic" than "staples". Instead of deer hair wing, I use CDC. Those are my staples!
  10. Great patterns, but what about any spinners? I'm working on spinners (mostly rusty) for all mayfly species of spring creeks. Tying in different sizes and shades.
  11. I have just updated pictures of my Sulphur patterns. Do you think I'm missing any? Is there any more suggestions? http://leftytyer.blogspot.com/2013/04/spring-creek-sulphur-selection.html
  12. I was fishing for the BEST hatches of midges and BWO at DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com) this afternoon. But the weather was far from best (check up my blog). Anyway, one of stomach samples show a large mayfly along with midge and BWO. I just thought interesting. I guess that's PMD? Species of mayflies we find at spring creeks are limited, you know....But it's March and under this super inclement weather...... I hope some of you find this interesting too.
  13. Thanks anglers. I myself "googled" and found this article of my tying hero Jack Gartside. http://www.jackgartside.com/step_filter_fly.htm As EricF mentions, Eric Leiser is quoted here too. It's stating just about the same (I believe). It's quite educational to me, starting from just a bug. I should tie some "albino flies" for several species and experiment!
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