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  1. Have any of y'all used these hooks? I picked up a pack and the retainer bend seems pretty cool.
  2. Can I take some flies in my checked baggage? Or would I just be better off mailing them? Thanks for the advice.
  3. I'm in the market and could use some opinions. I'll be using it for small water trout and bluegills w/ the ocassional bass thrown in. I've been leaning toward the ll bean pocket water series, but don't know what all else is out there. Any input would go a long way. Thanks
  4. Thanks. "Doubt stocker trout and panfish"
  5. I set out to tie a classic deciever for smallmouths, but... Congo Hair from the baitfish I had been tying and peacock hearken taken from the Bart O minnow found their way onto the hook. I like it.
  6. A rainbow I caught spit out a great big bug and I had no idea what it was. Turns out it was a dragonfly nymph. I looked for patterns online and finally came across one that met my needs. I would rather have used black instead out grey ultra chenille for the weave but I sought sticker trout and pandish will care.
  7. Excuse the typos, doing this on a phone and have to power through before I hit the wrong button and the post is erased or some other tragedy.
  8. Bending the barb half way what I meant by semi. It would still cause flesh to get caught underneath and do damage. What I'm talking about would be the barbs we have now except the space created under it would be filled in. I know that isn't a very clear explanation, sorry. I caught the largest trout of my life on a barbless hook, 21" long 16"girth rainbow. It got wrapped around moss to the extent that could now longer feel or move it and just let slack in my line as a last ditch effort, after the longest minute or so of my life in emerged still on my line. While that probably should have sold me forever on barbless I still have days when I can't keep a fish on until switching to a barbed hook. I've experienced the pros and cons of both.
  9. Having just started tying within the past year I have recently been faced with the choice of bard or barbless. While I appreciate the advantages a barbless hook gives to the fish I also enjoy the security a barb gives to me as the fisherman. Thus, my question is: Is there a "semi" barb out there? And if not is there a reason? My thought is that instead of using the sub 90degree angle of a traditional barb a raised barb that is perpendicular to the hook point could adequately secure the fish and at the same time make removal less damaging. Any thoughts? Or knowledge of an existing product?
  10. Yea I wondered why it didn't quite seem dense enough, Thanks
  11. Any opinions? I think my hook may be too small.
  12. Before I could get around to practicing with deer hair I watched Eastern Rises and HAD to tie a mouse. Thus, a mouse is what I tied. A Hemorroidhal Mouse to be exact.
  13. Accardo Bream Masters are what got me hooked on fly-fishing. Now that they've gone out of business and since I tie im always trying to duplicate them. You can still find them online.
  14. Does anyone have experience fishing for them? They aren't the same as common carp, therefore none of the common carp flies seem to work for me.
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