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  1. OK, this was an odd thing to try. I was tying some deer hair bass bugs I kept adding some Angelina as I spun and stacked the hair. It added an interesting sparkle to it. I made them into earrings. Only negative was cutting it. Really tough on a razor blade.



  2. A few ideas I have, but there are questions that go with them. I have done a few cribbage boards with burled cherry and curly maple. I used boiled linseed oil. Heat it slowly and apply it in multi coats until it does not absorb into the wood. Looks incredable on cherry. I have turned many sets of knitting needles and I always us butchers wax on them. It helps the yarn slide over the needles nicely. However I am going to refer you to a friend of mine that is friggin' amazing. His name is Forest Procter. He is in a woodworking group with me. His finishing is something I am in complete awe every time I see his pieces. He has explained this process to our group, but because I do mostly exterior pieces, I haven't tried it yet. Check out his site and give him a call or email him. He is super helpful and a great guy. http://www.forrestsfinefurniture.com/


    Michael R. Earle


    "Thursday Night Woodworking Group"

  3. Good morning Josephcsylvia,

    I have made Kayaks, canoes and I have been making travel mugs as of late. To help you with your bubble issue, thin the epoxy 50/50 with acetone or fingernail polish remover. This will increase you dry time by a lot. I find with the mugs two to three coats is great. I sand off all imperfections between coats and finish with a quality Spar Varnish.

    An article I found helpful was this from Woodworkers Journal. http://ezine.woodworking.com/woodworkingtechniques/lathefinishing/index.html


    Hope this helps.


    Mary Christmas






    I agree with the logic 100% but ive never had one go bad on me, I guess my question is what would make one bobbin better than another other than adjustable tension? Which for me I just close my hand a little for more tension. What should myself and the op look for in a "good" bobbin thank you


    I have been tying for a few years now. I've gone through 4 different bobbins so far. 3 steel tubes have worn out and the latest was a Dr. Slick with ceramic insert. The weld point failed. The one thing it did not have was a coin/ thumb spot to hold it with. That style feel best in my hand. Not sure that makes it a "Good Bobbin" or not. I too wear an XL/XXL glove. I am looking for a new bobbin, has anyone worked with the Stonfo?



  5. Was just deer hunting backside of Lake Parlin last weekend, was cold and snowing and the wind was treacherous. Tracked a decent buck through the fresh snow for a couple hours but couldn't catch up. Washouts are definitely tough to get across sometimes, if the wife is with me we turn around because she gets all nervous, but if I'm out with my buddies we'll find a path or make one.

    Any birds or rabbits while you were out?


    Next time your wife is with you, try forging Cold Stream just above the fall. That is IF you can get through the beaver flowage on the way. <]:-D My wife still puckers when we go through that.


    Did I hear correctly, there was a monster buck taken (I heard 275lbs) in that area this year?



  6. Kennebec12,


    You are absolutely correct. Driving skill has it over 4WD any day of the week.

    I'm quite sure you will know the Lone Jack area between The Forks and Jackman. I had a 1988 Honda Civic in there many times. Only tricky parts were the washed out bridges just before the campsites.

    My only issue with this kind of car, is climbing up and out of it. I've now find it much easier on my knees to slide out of my Jeep to a near standing position.



  7. I am currently driving a '99 Wrangler. It does have AC and 4WD. As for me it has been an amazing vehicle. One MAJOR problem is that there is NO storage inside the Wrangler. I have made a few things to help with this, including an exterior rack, but still no storage. Keep in mind about 4WD drive as far as you can with out it, then lock it in and head back home. I have been chasing ducks this fall and have used it more often than I thought I would. I never used the AC this summer. I just took the top off.


    Best of buying.



  8. Fisherboy,


    Huge congrats on a successful hunt!! I find the sightings make a far better story than the kills do. I want to give you the kudos you so deserve, because you had your head about you to know what was in your surroundings, i.e. where the other people were. I know many people, much older then you, that either can't or don't care to have that kind of awareness of what is around then, especially when the gun comes up. Keep it up. I for one would like to hear when you do get "The Big One" this year.



  9. Kirk,

    You are more than welcome. Couple of years ago I had a good friend out for Smallies. I was having a great day catching, unfortunately he was not. I could feel the front of the boat getting heavier every time I caught another fish. Funniest part is that we had the same fly on. We came across a submerged log, I tyed on a Tokyo Spider. I told him to cast on top of the log, it was about 2 inches under water. For a split second It looked like God had removed a bucket worth of water. It was a fat 3 1/2 pounder. I do not believe it has been taken off his fly rod yet.


    Good luck,



  10. kennebec12


    Brewer City Ordinances Chap. 35 - Art. 1 Sec. 100 ARTICLE #1- DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS ORDINANCE (#1) SECTION 100. DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS PROHIBITED. No person shall discharge any rifle, pistol, or other firearm in the city limits of the City of Brewer within an area that is bounded as follows:



    Portland Maine

    14A.60.020 Discharge of a Firearm.

    (Amended by Ordinance No. 178428, effective May 26, 2004.)
    A. It is unlawful for any person to discharge a firearm in the City or upon its boundaries.
    B. This Section does not apply to:
    A person discharging a firearm in the lawful defense of person or property;
    A person discharging a firearm on a public or private shooting range, shooting gallery, or other area designed, built, and lawfully operating for the purpose of target shooting;
    A person conducting an athletic contest who fires blank ammunition toward the sky;
    A person authorized to fire blank ammunition as part of military or police ceremonies;
    A person authorized by permit of the Chief of Police to discharge blank ammunition for a lawful purpose;
    Hunter safety instructors of the Oregon State Game Commission or their pupils who are engaged in hunter safety training classes sponsored by the Commission;
    A police officer in the performance of official duty;
    Employees or contractors of the Port of Portland engaged in flight safety hazard abatement at and around Portland International Airport to comply with FAR Part 139.337.


    I hate to be the killjoy on this thread. I can assure you I would be one of the first to step out with a firearm and dispatch the drone. However, This is one of many "Discharge of Firearms Ordinance" that I found specific to Maine. There has been many discussions about paintball and BB guns being included in the ordinance.


    I would be very interested in the outcome of you meeting. I'd be curious what the town officials and specifically the town lawyer say can and should be done.




    "Esse Quam Videri"

  11. Mikechell,


    Want to say "Thank You for this". Extremely twisted and funny! However, I'm trying to explain to my boss why I have soda stains on my mustache and down the front of my shirt. I just can't seem to find the words to say it is from the soda coming out my nose while watching this.


    So again, Thank You.







    Those bombers look interesting. Kinda like something we used to use for Atlantic Salmon. What style and size hook would be good for SMB?


    Chuck, those are the same style that some use for Salmon. When I was tying commercially, I had some orders for Bombers, so decided to try them for SM. They're not a lot different than other deer hair flies popular for bass, so I tied them on 6, 4 & 2 size hooks. I'm sure they could be smaller or larger for targeting bass, depending on where your fishing, but these are the sizes I've used most. We have a tremendous "white fly" hatch in the area, & that white Bomber is perfect for that hatch.


    I've tied & used Waller Wakers, Glitter Bugs & that Pink Deer Hair Wog for SM too. smile.png


    Thanks so much Tidewaterfly. I was pleasantly surprised to see the bombers in your SMB arsenal. I often thought they might make good bass patterns and your post confirms it. Dead drifted or skated they provide a bold profile on top water and should make for some exciting action. Cheers.



    If I might add my two cents. One thing I have found with Bombers and Smallies, tie the palmered hackle using Schlappen Feathers. They ad a huge amount of movement the a Bomber when you let it sit.




  13. Question for both you guys,

    Do you find any need to add a bit of weight to the hook to keep it riding in the upright position or do you find it rides well without it?





    p.s. definitely a fly I'll be tying for smallies and large mouths. I can even see it for stripers.

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