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  1. Plan was to fish Waterloo Park Pond in Denison with Centerpin Combo but switched last minute to a One-Handed Spey Fly Fishing Combo that used the  OPST Commando Head 175grn on a 4wt, 8ft fly rod.

    Cold and windy morning, I decided to keep it simple and use on fishing fly - an Olive Near Deere. I would adjust my retrieve and depth until I limited out.

    Do check out the video where I find the pattern limit out!

    Note: I used a 175 grain not a 200 grain OPST Commando Head that was mentioned in the video.



  2. Short on time but open to available fishing opportunities, made a quick trip to the local pond for Centerpin Fishing for Bullheads using the Simple Dough Bait Recipe.

    This time, I let the dough bait harden overnight, and then coated it with some flour. It stayed on the hook well, but I did need to dip it in water before baiting the hook.

    Give it a try, and do check back liking the NGT Centerpin Reel decided to order a second one. It delivered Friday, plan to show it at the next livestream!




  3. 2 hours ago, mikechell said:

    I didn't do the timer, as it's inaccurate as far as registering hookset time.  You don't have to set the hook as the fish is hitting.  You just have to set the hook before it spits the lure back out.  The example: the Frog Fish can strike as fast as 6 milliseconds.  But in all videos I've seen of those and similar fish striking, they hold onto the mouthful for a very long time.  Even false hits, like floating debris or a lure is held for several seconds.

    Some fish reject a mouthful quicker than others, but all fish require a second or to.  They must feel and taste it to reject it. 


    Agree on all points. Main point was to measure response to a visual cue and compare it to a Bass' speed.

  4. Apologies for the test livestream last night. I was working on a video switcher hardware and thought I was streaming unlisted.

    Did get some of the bugs worked out, but still need to figure a way to monitor audio to make sure sound is coming through.

    No worries, have a workaround for now.

    This round I talk briefly about the Centerpin Fishing at the local pond using bread and then later a dough bait recipe from an article I posted a few years back.

    Additionally, I mention a fly fishing tip that helps older fishermen with a touch of nearsighted vision line their fly rods a little more easier!

    Also, I mention an app that I am working on to check your hookset, at least the timing of it. Stay tuned for more. Will post soon as I get it working.

    Do check it out!




  5. Bread For Catfish Bait | Centerpin Fishing Series #fishing #pondfishing #catfish

    Decided to fish the local pond to verify if there were still fish lurking in it. In the past, the pond held some nice size Catfish. I suspect there may still be a Bruiser or two but this round I managed three good sized Bullheads.

    I used the NGT Centerpin Reel and a Cabelas TLR Switch Rod for the rod/reel combo, and then I used bread formed into bread balls for bait. The drag free capability of the Centerpin made for some interesting strikes as I watched the fish take the bait and run with it.






  6. Ever tried tying a tippet ring to your fly leader with cold, wet fingers? Or, while wearing gloves? Try this fishing tip next round, it may be useful to those of us who use tippet rings. #fishing #flyfishing #tips 



  7. First time fishing with a Center Pin Reel. Had to practice and get my timing and release down. Managed to catch two Trout, improve my casting, and then closed out with ultralight baitcasting to get three more trout to make a limit.

    Do check back for more Center Pin Fishing. New way to fish for yours truly. Would be a great way to fish the tailrace at Denison Dam, Lewisville Lake Ecological Learning Area, and other rivers.

    For now, going to keep practicing at local ponds!



  8. Fished the Blue River for trout this round. Opted for Super Dupers and Ultralight Fishing Gear. Three of us fished - two fished with Ultralight Spinning Gear and yours truly fished with Ultralight Baitcasting gear.

    Cold front rolled in the night before dropping the temps below freezing. Anticipating trout tending deeper, decided to fish Super Dupers.

    Stopped at Scotty's Blue River One Stop to restock on Super Dupers - picked up Rainbow Trout, Silver, and Copper Super Dupers to add to the gold and silver ones I  already had.

    After a quick check at the low water crossing, went downriver to fish. After finding the pattern limited out with three trout each!

    PS: Yours truly wore hip waders and went a little too deep. Lesson learned where Pants Waders or Chest Waders.  Also, we did have a wading boot blowout after many seasons. Secured the sole with rope to make it last one more trip. It worked... and has now been retired.



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