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  1. Great Fish Fillet Knife, Tasty Fish Recipe #fishing #foodie #kayakfishing Loving this Dexter Fish Fillet Knife! Made a tasty appetizer from a fish caught kayak fishing! https://youtu.be/H1G_SOpPtn0
  2. Try This Pattern for Rainbow Trout! #flyfishing #flytying #trout Try a Squirmy San Juan Worm next chance you get fishing for Rainbow Trout! Fish it tandem rigged as a trailing fly to a leading streamer and set 3-4ft under a Strike Indicator. https://youtube.com/shorts/PclfkXy0QP4?feature=share
  3. Try a OPST Commando Head, Up Your Fly Fishing Game! #fishing #flyfishing #speycasting Love this combo for trout fishing where I need a little extra distance to get to where the trout are lurking. OPST Commando Head, TFO 6wt Rod, and 6/7wt Echo Ion Reel! https://youtu.be/ShzryLxxgnM
  4. See What Worked For Trout On The Lower Illinois River #flyfishing #fishing #tips Recapping what worked for us on the Lower Illinois River in Oklahoma this past weekend! Here is the video discussed on the livestream! https://youtu.be/etCEJM8ejts
  5. Little Red Book of Fly Fishing #livestream #fishing #tips https://youtube.com/live/6RTCxlih_2I?feature=share
  6. Can You See It 👀 #bass Lurking Below! #bassfishing #fishing Polarized Sunglasses make is much easier to spot Bass lurking below! https://youtube.com/shorts/OJ6Xsm7Ntqw?feature=share
  7. DIY Inline Spinner! #ultralightfishing #baitfinesse #fishing Fun catching Bluegill on an inline spinner I made. Even more fun on Ultralight Baitcasting Gear! https://youtube.com/shorts/3X3Ar74XZ2I?feature=share
  8. Easy recipe for Mackeral made easier using a Dexter 7 inch fillet knife! #fish #recipe #tasty https://youtube.com/shorts/vw9ac3G_S_4?feature=share
  9. Up Your Fishing Game, Inline Spinners and Ultralight Gear! #ultralightfishing #fishing #bfsfishing Don't forget Mepps Inline Spinners when ultralight baitcasting! https://youtube.com/shorts/iE6-0W45Ucc?feature=share
  10. Try This Method, Catch Fish Lurking Below #kayakfishing #fishing #tips When fish are lurking on bottom, try bouncing a Slab and Jig Rig when kayak fishing. Works paddling forward or backwards. Give it a try! https://youtube.com/shorts/miPywQzil_E?feature=share
  11. Do This And Catch More Than One! #kayakfishing #fishing #tips Fishing tip to keep handy when fishing for White Bass. Don't reel in right away after catching one. Oftentimes others will strike as you reel the first fish in. https://youtu.be/C1vdvoT7do0
  12. Try This Fishing Fly for Trout and More, Fly Tying Demo! #fishing #flyfishing #flytying Quick Tie Fly Tying of an effective pattern for trout, panfish, and Bass! Plus a word from Hank on catch and release! https://youtube.com/shorts/5DHjHTw7sbo?feature=share
  13. Can't wait to go again! https://youtu.be/ZwR-Eq5vJIM
  14. Little Red Book of Fly Fishing - Reel Cast Fishing Podcast - Episode 14 More of the Little Red Book of Fly Fishing Series. This round we talk about Tips 91 through 95 of the book. Then, we recap our first kayak fishing trip for 2024 to our local lake! Set juglines and caught that evening's dinner! Moreover, was the first kayak fishing trip using the new Tacoma - replacement to the old workhorse Tacoma '96! Do check out the episode. Audio Podcast Un-Edited Video Podcast
  15. Keep It Simple, What Gear Do I Use When Kayak Fishing?🤔 #fishing #kayaking #tips Here's the essentials I take when kayak fishing! https://youtu.be/cmqkN5OKW4Y
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