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  1. Back to the local pond for more BFS Fishing! Shimano Scorpion 17 BFS XG and the Bass Pro Shops Microlite Fiberglass Rod! $25 Bass Pro Fiberglass Rod Works for Bait Finesse Fishing!
  2. Fished a local pond using BFS Gear. Started with a tiny crankbait, then switched to a Mepps Inline Spinner. Bass and Bluegill were fun on the ultralight gear. Especially the Bluegill... caught several big ones!
  3. Two back to back trips to the local pond using the little 2wt Cabelas Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod. Works well with the 2/3 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel.
  4. More fun at the local pond bait finesse style fishing with the KastKing Zephyr and Haira Tiny 33F Crankbait!
  5. Fished the local pond the other day using the little 2wt Cabelas Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod. Paired well with the 2/3 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel. I am fishing a Caddis Foam Grasshopper and working the pond by casting to spawning Bluegill on their nests. Polarized glasses make a difference in finding them.
  6. Follow up video of an earlier post about fish caught at Lake Glenn. Previously, showed one Bass caught that round. This video shows the fish caught that day!
  7. Tiny Crankbait Worked... Are there fish at Lake Glenn? Repost of earlier Livestream where yours' truly is checking if there are fish at the local lake. I am using Bait Finesse System fishing with a KastKing Zephyr without the reel clicker. I am casting a Teeny Crankbait from the Mystery Tackle Box! Caught several but this was the largest caught that round - estimating 16-17 inches.
  8. Pond Fishing Fun | Cabelas 2wt CGR and Foam Grasshoppers Planned to fish with Bait Finesse gear for Bass and Bluegill. But, the pond was too clobbered with "green stuff" that fouled lures. Switched to fly fishing - Cabelas 2wt Fiberglass Rod and the Caddis Foam Grasshopper. Was a fun time ultralight fly fishing!
  9. Here is the Foam Grasshopper Variant that uses 2mm closed cell foam cut with a foam cutter to make a caddis body. Calling it the Caddis Foam Grasshopper. Worked for Bluegill and Bass!
  10. Thanks! They are fun to catch. Went back out with the little 2wt CGR. Had fun... but lost my Caddis Foam Grasshopper. Tied only one. Did tie more for the next round.
  11. Fly Fishing a Pond | Nine Bluegill and Four Bass on a 4wt Fly Rod Plan was to fish the local pond using Bait Finesse Gear and ultralight lures. Switched to a Fly Fishing when my inline spinner kept fouling on the algae. Fun times fly fishing with nine Bluegill and four Bass caught and released!
  12. First Kayak Fishing Trip for 2022 | Jug Lining for Catfish on Lake Lavon Finally made it out to the local lake for kayak fishing. Opted for jug lines and Catfish fishing. Had to make a few modification to the jug lines per the Texas Fishing Regulations. Also, had to read the new rules for Catfish on Lavon. Different compared to past Season! Do check out the video!
  13. Yesterday, we struck out at Denison Dam but mentioned kayak fishing and juglining as a backup plan. Did well... with Catfish caught. Dinner Shrimp Etouffee over rice and Blackened Catfish! Tasty! Will get a trip video out later this week; do check back!
  14. Tried this morning... struck out at the dam. he
  15. When fishing for Bass in heavily pressured ponds, try downsizing. Fish ultralight lures like inline spinners, spoons, and crankbaits. Oftentimes the Bass get used to larger lures and tend to ignore them.
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