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  1. Why I Keep a Simpler Foam Fly in the Fly Box... Catches Fish! Here is the full video from the earlier post! Started the trip intending to test another simple fly pattern. But, was stopped short when I lost the fly after hooking a fish. No worries, had the Simpler Foam Fly in the fly box. Tied it on the 4wt combo and caught and released a few Bluegill and Bass! Will try another test after I get another one tied... stay tuned!
  2. YouTube Shorts video catching a Bass while fishing a Simpler Foam Fly in the weeds with the 4 wt fly rod! Will get full video posted later...
  3. This is the even easier but still effective Simpler Foam Fly... same rectangle closed cell foam, just slight shorter; red dacron tying thread, and rubber legs. Has only one body segment instead of two, fast and simple to tie!
  4. Here is a YouTube Shorts quick tie video of the simple fishing fly pattern that uses a rectangle shaped foam body and is tied into two body segments. Simple pattern that works on Bluegill and Bass. Do check back on a Simpler pattern tied the same way but only one body segment!
  5. Get Started Fly Fishing | Try an Easier Simple Foam Fly Pattern! The other day I tied a variant of a Foam Grasshopper Pattern that used a rectangle shaped foam pattern to make a two segment body. It worked well on Bluegill and a Bass, too! Taking it one step simpler, shortened the rectangle so I could tie the pattern with only one body segment. The end result, more Bluegill and Bass! Unfortunately, I lost the fishing fly. No worries though; had a Foam Grasshopper in Size 14 at the ready and was able to keep fishing. Caught a number of Bluegill and Bass including some nice ones! Looks like simple works! Check out the video!
  6. Was funny that the ducks kept hanging around watch me fish and jumping over the line.
  7. Easy bluegill fishing fly | Foam Rectangle Fly? Pond fishing with the 4wt Fly Rod and Reel! Wanted to try a simple fishing fly that did not require lots of material! Took a rectangle cutout of 2mm closed cell foam and tied it on to a size 12 hook. Added legs... then fished it to a bed of Bluegill. It works!
  8. Beer batter fish fry recipe made for a tasty dinner... liking the Shiner Beer for the beer in the recipe! FYI... link to the recipe; can use your choice of beer to experiment.
  9. Suzuki 2.5HP Outboard Motor Review | Questions and Answers Answering the mail from questions that have come in from folks, hope this helps.... do post in the comments if there are more questions. Where purchased? Porta-Bote, Suzuki Outboard Team What was the total cost? 839.81 TTL Why did I buy it? Light weight and convenient, works on 12 foot Jon Boat Trolling Motor compared to Outboard Motor? Like the outboard, no battery to recharge #portabote #suzukioutboard #jonboat
  10. Jon Boat Fishing | Easy Catfishing at the Local Lake Still breaking in the new Suzuki 2.5hp Outboard but finally got to go fishing, too! Started out catch bait - Shad, at the boat ramp. Then, ran to a few submerged trees for a chance at Crappie. No luck on the Crappie, so opted to run the motor a little before deciding to anchor in a spot that was out of the wind and fish for whatever was biting. Was a fun time catching dinner at the local lake!
  11. Fly Fishing Tips from the Little Red Book of Fly Fishing | iFishNews Fishing Podcast 39 Number 20 in the "Little Red Book of Fly Fishing" podcast series where I review fly fishing tips.... This week it's tips 88 through 93! Tip 88: Getting to the Bottom of Things Tip 89: Time on Water Equals Fish, Part 1 Tip 90: Time on Water Equals Fish, Part 2 Tip 91: Switch Bugs on an Obvious Refusal Tip 92: One at a Time Tip 93: Stack Mending for Drifts Do check back on our next episode in the series where we discuss tips 94 - 99 . Tip 94: Fish Flies Atypically Tip 95: Shake, Shake, Shake (Your Streamer) Tip 96: Snake Your Way to Success Tip 97: Ditch the Bobber Tip 98: More on Indicators Tip 99: Balloon Going Up Good Luck and Good Fishing!
  12. Fishing Airfield Park | Fort Worth, Texas Fished a new place for the first time, Airfield Park in Fort Worth, Texas. Mainly small Sunfish, Bluegill, and Longear... and a Bass! Started with Roostertails, Beetlespins, Micro Crankbaits, and a Foam Spider. Ended with a Near Deere casting with the Dual Micro Fly Rod used as a Micro Flyrod! Fun stuff!
  13. Sidetracked prepping the jon boat for lake fishing... Finally made it to the local lake to run the 2.5hp Suzuki Outboard. So far so good!
  14. BFS Fishing | More Micro Crankbaits More fishing with the Dual BFS Micro Fly Rod. Fished micro crankbaits - Rebel Crawdad, Walmart Minnow, and a Rapala Husky Jerk. Was a tough go with the Rebel Crawdad's barbless hook and keeping the fish on the hook. Did get several with the minnow crankbaits!
  15. Jon Boat Upgrade | Clamp on Seat and DIY Tool A quick upgrade to the old jon boat... seat clamps, padded seat, and a diy tool to tighten the bolts easier. Really comfortable, plus can move it from the bow to stern seat easily!
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