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  1. The Feather Emporium has everything.
  2. Tied a couple of these tonight.
  3. I was wondering why there aren't more guns ? ! I have a fly tying station in my armory room. Well,,,it's practically an armory room. Never know when a revolution might come to you door and you need a couple mo' minutes because you are one Adams dry fly short !!!!
  4. c-clamp. very sturdy and more vertical adjustment.
  5. I carry a net with a little longer handle so I push the handle in my belt behind my back. Works like a charme and never falls off or out. Mike
  6. I find I use Caddis flies more and more for bluegill.
  7. My fav trout ! Gotta love the beauty of a nice Brookie ! Congrats to the lady. Mike
  8. On things ordered, i go J. Stockard. They treat me good and if I have a question, they are happy to talk with you on the phone. Mike
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