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  1. Looks to be more of a local Puff Daddy.
  2. These are the only two components besides the thread. Goose Biot and I guess considered a hackle. thanks Since Im new to dry flys I just wanting to find a tutorial to tie it. thanks
  3. Just curious if someone can tell me the name of this fly. Im looking for a video to learn to tie it. thanks
  4. Was thinking about learning to tie Copper John. Was thinking about #16 hook. What would be a 2 good sizes to tie. Thanks
  5. Watched one video of in the riffle Acthallly watched it 3 times. Maybe my favorite. Thanks for posting.
  6. I may have a new favorite Davie Mcphail. Pretty bad when you wake up at 2 am to watch a fly tying video.
  7. Anyone have a link to a comparison size chart between ultra and uni-thread. Thanks
  8. Good luck. I use to sell smallmouth bass flys that was only found in this area. The biggest mistake I made was selling to cheap especially to my friends. I also started off of forums and created my own website. Sold them all over the US just should have priced them more. One guy even liked 1 lb in setting a lake record in Califorina on one of my smallmouth flys. If you have a product that will catch fish people will buy. Get you some good contacts and a good market plan. I will always remember a sign in this store I saw. We sell products that catch fish not fisherman.
  9. Thanks thats exactly what i did very easy process. Looks much better.
  10. Decided to give it a try. My first attempt. Im thinking I may need to trim the tail and perhaps some of the hackle. thanks.
  11. Mine are tightline video, Tim Cammisa and Hans Weilenmann.
  12. I just ordered 4 books from half.com was looking for good books and good deals all 4 cost me $24.22 1. The art of fly tying (dont give the auther) over 200 patterns 1994 Hardcover. 2. Tying Trout Flies : 12 of the Best by Deke Meyer (1993, Paperback) 3. The Complete Book of Fly Tying by Eric Leiser 1977 paperback 4. Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple : An Easy to Folllow All-Colour Guide by Skip Morris
  13. Thanks caught 8 more today on the same fly. 7 rainbows and 1 nice brown. I checked it at the end of the day and the wire started coming loose. So I landed 10 total and lost only 2. Not too bad. I guess they dont last forever. I love fishing the SOHO.
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