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  1. This is the final version of my wiggle fly. I'm going to tie tons of it!
  2. The C14s hook are no longer needed. I just found the solution this morning. All of my micro jointed wiggle minnows are running straight with a very fast retrieve! The solution is to change the direction of hook point. For example, your minnow rolls over to the right side. You should bend your hook point toward the left side. Don't bend it too much at a time. The result is super! I recorded some videos and I'll upload them soon. The quality of gamakatsu hook is outstanding. I tried to break the hook by bending the hook point and found my tweaks are far less than the break point. I believe that the hook is still strong after the tweak.
  3. I tied over 30 todd minnow with #10 B10s before but the result was terrible. I think that the hook is too light to keep its center of gravity so I can't stop them from rolling over at all. The thin wire also provide less surface for the foam and glue to bind well, the foam may roll over the shank after some abuse.
  4. Thanks to all replies! I think the angle of the face is not the main issue because some of my todd's wiggle minnows are running straight with fairly "blunt" face. I fish it with intermediate line or floating line. I think I have found the problem. The gamakatsu octopus hook has "offset" hook point. The hook point is pointed to the right side. I noticed that all of my rolling flies are rolling over to the right side. I just ordered the gamakatsu C14s hook and I will report the progress when I receive the hook. (a week later)
  5. Hi, Is anyone usually tying todd's wiggle minnow here? I really love its wiggle action but the original designer's size is too big for me because I usually fish with 4WT rod and 4x tippet for small fishes. The image below is the todd's wiggle minnow I tied with gamakatsu octopus hook #6 (it's similar to #10 or #8 regular fly hook) and #12 B10S. The weight of these fly is only about 0.25g. The problem is that I have difficulty on making them running straight in the water when fast retrieving.(it will roll over or spin) I tried to trim the "face" of the fly but It doesn't work. The trimming even spoiled the action of my fly. However this fly is extremely effective in medium and slow speed. Do you have any suggestion for making it swimming straight? Thank you!
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