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  1. Hi Guys, The Wiggle Tail Pike Rig is dedicated to flyfishing Pike... Good Vision http://gdpdressing.blogspot.it/p/blog-page_18.html
  2. Hi Guys, I present a my baitfish imitation ... It's a good fly for Salt and freshwater fishing.... I hope that you like it ! Thanks a lot for watching. Giovanni http://gdpdressing.blogspot.it/
  3. Hi guys , a step by step of all around fly... http://gdpdressing.blogspot.it/p/gdp-dna-streamer.html Tight lines Giovanni
  4. GDP dressing

    Gdp DNA

    Hi Guys , a new video... Alevin streamer Thanks for watching ! Giovanni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD7ivdzEWws
  5. Sorry Fish for Life but I'm not at Home, i'll come back in 10 days ....
  6. Hy Guys, a new video for make a Jig head by yourself ! www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa0UOkhy7qM Tight Lines
  7. Hi Guys, I live near Rome , my town is called Cerveteri, in front of tyrrenian sea ... I have a very small commercial line of Flies ! I fish in fresh and salt waters ... but my preferit fish is the Sea Bass ! I'm glad you enjoyed my fly ! agn54 if you 'll come back from Italy... contact me ... we'll make a little fishing trip togheter ! sorry guys for my bad English ! Tight Lines ! Giovanni
  8. Hi Guys , I.m new in the Forum ! Thanks for share your flies... there are a lot of beautiful dressings !!! a big Hug from Italy !
  9. GDP dressing

    Sea Bass

    Hi guys ... I'd like to show You a sea bass fly that i prefer over all... https://www.utube.com/watch?v=OSJKEtUOd9I THANKS
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