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  1. Yeeeeaahhhh!! 1 month more and then go fishing ASAP I start smelling rivers lol. I can't wait to see the flies
  2. 5 days left, you always have to give a bottle of wine once in a while to the postman so he always is nice with you and take care the packages or the flies lol
  3. Well in the army the promotions all depends of your unit, in my unit the promotions and AAM's not matter how hard you work goes always for who is more friend of the PSG or higher ranks. It's kinda weird see soldiers that they were e1 and now are Spc and you still a Pfc when you started as a e2. Well now I gave up I really don't care the rank, yes it's 100$ more at the end of the month, but for sure I'm don't want to get promotions for kissing asses. I just do my job the best I can and I nobody tells me how to do it. My SGT told me that the soldier of the month wasn't aproove for me and then I knew the person that was approve and I have to roll my eyes. Come on!!! Then he told me that he will try for this month, I told him SGT thank you, don't stress about it, I really don't need that somebody give me a paper to know that I do my job. Besides if they give to somebody that didn't earn it what is the point for them to give it to me next month, it will mean nothing to me. sometimes it's a pony show. The best attitude is give 200% at work and expecting nothing from them = 0% chances of disappointment. I don't regret the army at all. it's a life experience and I believe that it will good if it's mandatory so the kids can learn some manners and values that in the normal world will never learn. The army of today is soft I said it since I went to basic training and I said now. Sometimes I see little hearts nothing to compare with the soldiers that were In WWII or Vietnam those are the heroes for me. Those are my motivation everyday, take care what they built.
  4. I'm in Jfinn and It's my first swap. I just did 12 dry flies size 18 thinking that was for 15 of March lol. Tail a few fibers of natural deer hair Body red CDC Hackle grizzly and red I love this one for the times that trout don't know what the want to eat. I'm not sure if I should use size 10 or 12 for the stoneflies I really don't like big hooks I have time to think. I have a question how I know the address of the SM Like I'm new I don't know what means with toe tag I'm lost in translation lol. Thank you for the clarification and patience.
  5. I'm not mad at all I just asked, in my defense I have to say that my English is now 4 years old and sometimes I still thinking in Spanish and of course lost in translation lol. I used 40 years instead 20 to emphasize my desire of serve in in the army. I born in Spain and I was there until 2012 my wife is American and we have a baby over there, so I took my family sell everything and move to us, until one year later when I catch up with my English I decide to leave my work as a manager from Kroger CO and enlist into the army, when I enlist I was 34 years old almost 1 month for 35. I passed basic and AIT without any problems and one of the top, my score at PT was 285 and most of the kids are always surprise for my age and my physical condition, "no pain no gain.". In my country I proved to everybody that knows me that I'm not a dreamer I always want to be an American soldier and I never gave up. I'm proud of this and what I do, everybody that knows me know that I live each and every single army value as a life style on and off, hard work is my signature, and is what I expect from my brothers. Many people asked me why I join the US army and not the Spanish army and I always said we are allies, we have the same enemy, we have the same goals, and we will protect our nations in and out of the country. I have friends that die in the train bomb in Madrid, I cried when the twin towers and it wasn't my country back them, in Madrid more of the same, because I felt useless. they took our freedom and I want it back, the best way that I can do it is making true my dream and serve the team that I believe fight for the rights that humanity deserve. Now I'm an American citizen since 2015 but nothing changed, it's like be married, it never has to change but grow the love that you feel for it. In Abril I will have a daughter and she was diagnosed with PRS Syndromebut, I have hope that the doctors are wrong no because I have fear but because my wyfe has to do everything by herself due that we just move to Texas, until summer , I will not meet her in person because like the soldier creed say I will place the mission first.I'm the only CBRN in my battery and my team needs me. I miss my family in US and Spain but somebody has to sacrifice for the good of everybody. I never judge people because there is always something behind of each person that we don't know, just like me and just like everybody else. Be mad will be a waste of time and being deployed is a no go, I smile everyday and everyday I wake up with so many reasons of why I have to smile, no matter what everyday is always a good day, there is no choice. I apologize for my bad English, I promise it will be better
  6. I guess fly tying is not so comun as I thought it was but I agree it will be easier if I'm not the only weirdo who likes and ask skins of animals to tie little creatures. About decent wage that's relative, but I'm not single, if I will enlist I think I will do 40 years instead 12 but how the things run now is a little pointless, now they are more worried to get offended for something that what the army means. it's like go fishing in a bucket. Since November 2014 I only saw my wife 4 months, And it was because she did the move, yes we have TDY in theory in the practice it doesn exists because everycouple months we have to be in the field doing exercises, and mission came first, we fight for rights but it doesn't mean that we have them, my unit get deploy every other year. I'm not complaining at all but sometimes before judge we have to see the whole picture, you where in the army 12 years but I will never ask you why you left because I will understand the reason and respect it without critizacing it. I always asked myself why the people leave the army even I was watching videos in youtube that I never understood things that I get it now. Anyway if you get offended for my post, I'm pretty use to see this, I will apologize and remove it. The last thing that I want is this political - moral conflict, it's not my intention and I apologize too. Drama is not mY thing is the only think that I walk away quit.
  7. Fair enough, over here it's pretty desert, flies lol rocks and sand . I have the trimmer always with me because there are always foxes around us waiting for waste food and I keep it with me at all the time, hopping to find one day, one dead. being In The army is not like I thought were you can trade Or do some underground business, you barely can do anything because soldiers get offended so easily that file complains of all kind. To sad but true. We have a place kinda like goodwill 10ftx10ft where you donate whatever and it's my main source of materials. I really miss bass pro shop but I don't know why the shippings always get lost or in the wrong place and they send it back to Origen.
  8. I know my request is probably out of the ordinary, but it would really mean the world to me to have more materials for fly tying. My specialty is the Spanish wet fly or Mosca de ahogada, now that I'm deployed I start acquiring knowledge about flyting but sometimes is overwhelming because here I had a few materials, and so many patterns that I want to tie but logically it's limited for the materials that I have available. Matter of fact today I Finnish the last piece of atron and and I improvise and pull the stuff from the old couch where we are doing guard and use the insides lol it works. The paycheck of a soldier is not so great. Lol but I love my job, I'm the only CBRN in my Battery at the moment. Sometimes it can be a little stressful due to the demanding work, inspections, and drills but having a fulfilling pastime really helps and in part is quite therapeutic as many of you probably know. Recently 4 start general Austin gift me a coin to show me his appreciation for a good job and hard work ethic. Thank you for considering my request. We have a APO address so is like send something to any state of US even if we are in other countries. You are free to ask anything, please don't hesitate and let me know. I would love to send you a letter as well giving you the proper appreciation for being such a great supporter with your donation. Thank you in advance for your consideration. PFC David Ortega Air Defense Artillery
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