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  1. mikechell - thanks - would you mind elaborating on why you like it ? the pedestal base in the picture looks a little wimpy. Do you own/use one ?
  2. Hi all, Just starting to browse my options. I haven't bought a new vise in 15 years. But it's time to upgrade as I have the dedicated room and time to tie more and the old vises just aren't cuttiing it anymore. I have a rotary vise but the calmp mechanism is accuated by two knobs. So specifically I;d like to have a lever actuated clamping mechanism. Also the rotation friction control on mine just plain sucks. I mostly tie small stuff - and I have vises I can use for bigger hooks so I don't ned something that will handle everything from size 32 through 5/0. Since the eyes have gone south I tend to stick between a size 18 and up. I tie a lot of chironomids, buggers, nymphs of all sorts, some drys. I like a heavy base with no clamp or permanet mount. Can I find something decent for around $200 US ?? your suggestions and ideas to start the search would be most helpful ! Thanks
  3. Hi all, I need help confirming what this. I have just a few of them I think they are Emu - but they are much more sparse and "spindly" than other Emu feathers I have seen. If they are I am not sure what type of feather. You can see what they look like used as a sparse hackle / legs on the flies in the picture. But I would like to find more if you know what to call them ! I can find lots of Emu feathers on the rack and online - but not this particular type. Anyway thanks for any ideas or info !
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