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  1. Hi all, I am still tinkering with foam bodied wiggle minnows. Inspired by the article on G&G, I have been experimenting with using holographic lure tape, however, cutting free hand with scissors I can never get a nice-looking, symmetrical shape to affix to the top and bottom of the body. I wonder if anyone has tips for cutting decals in order to get a nice, elongated oval shape? Perhaps there are stencils that people use? Any tips are greatly appreciated, as always. Tight lines!
  2. Howdy-- As a newbie tyer, I end up tying a lot of flies that for one reason or another aren't fish-able (hook eye covered, proportions wildly off, etc.). I am wondering if anyone has any tips for the most efficient way to strip off the materials on these flies so I can reuse the hooks? I have been sawing off the materials and thread with a razor blade, which is actually a bit time consuming. That may well be the only option but I thought I'd see whether there are any secrets out there... Thanks!
  3. Dear List-- I am a rookie fly tyer--midway through my eighth month behind the vice. Attached is a Clouser Minnow. I'd really appreciate any and all assessments, critiques, advice. Many thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks a million for the tips, guys. I have found that by manipulating the foam more while placing it on the hook I can get a bit more bend in the foam although mine still don't ever have the banana shape that I see in commercially tied examples. Here's a good article about modifications to the pattern: http://www.ginkandgasoline.com/fly-fishing/3-ways-to-make-your-wiggle-minnow-fish-better/.
  5. Dear List-- I am a newcomer to this wonderful site and also new to fly tying, although I have been fly fishing all my life. I am trying to perfect a wiggle minnow (had awesome luck with this pattern chasing smallies on the Penobscot a few weeks ago). I have read previous threads about this great pattern and watched some videos but I still can't seem to get the foam cylinder to form a hump on the hook shank--it always comes out more or less straight. (See picture attached.) I am using a Daichi 2720. I assume the trick is in cutting the slit in the foam? Should the slit be shallower at the head and get deeper towards the tail? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Tight lines!
  6. Many thanks for your very helpful replies!
  7. Hello List-- I am a rookie tyer, in my first winter at the vice. I have a question about tying soft hackles. I find that when I wrap my soft hackles, the fibers usually end up bunched in clumps of 3-4 fibers, rather than a nice even distribution of individual fibers around the hook. (I am using feathers from a Wapsi Hungarian Partridge skin.) I prep the feather by stripping the feathers off one side of the feather. Is there something I can do to avoid the "clumping effect" or is it not something I should worry about? Oddly, when I use feathers from a bag of individual feathers I find that I experience less clumping. Many thanks!
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