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  1. Thanks for all the responses, I'm going to try and look through all the materials tonight that everyone sent and give it another shot. At a glance, some of the stuff posted on the whip finisher is a little different than the other way I saw so that will be helpful. As for the question of how dedicated am I to tying flies: I live in Colorado and have a lot of hobbies that take up my time. I like the idea of creating flies that utilize materials I get from hunting and fishing with something I created. Will I be the guy with a dedicated fly tying room? No. But I would like 10 or so flies that I can crank out quickly when needed that covers most of the fishing I do on the South Platte close to my house. Occasionally, Ill probably experiment and try to come up with something new.
  2. Ive only tied midges so far and attempted to tie a a sparkle wing RS2 and ran into issues with pretty much every step. 1. Dubbing slides down the thread when I wrap 2. Dubbing seemed to get fluffier as I moved to next steps of tying the fly. 3. My thread keeps splitting into many fine threads as I wrap. 4. When tying on the tail it wants to wrap around the side of the hook shank instead of staying on top. 5. When tying on the pearl braid it wants to wrap around the back of the hook shank instead of staying on top. 6. When using dubb I can figure out what to do when Im done wrappign the dub but need to continue with a clean thread and there's still left over dub. 7. The whip finisher is a royal PITA. When I try to get it started and rotate it my last several wraps pop sideways off the hook eye. This happens on midges as well. Is there a book or something that includes answers to these types of things, I dont know anyone who ties so Im on my own figuring this stuff out.
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