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  1. Hey Mate, I’m here, just been flat out. Some nice ideas floating about...
  2. Mate they look good. I’ll have to try that material!
  3. They look the goods Mate.
  4. Hey Mate, They look good. I bet they catch! Once you start getting creative, sky’s the limit as they say!
  5. Hi Mate, I use eye shadow! There is a lot of perfect colour options available.
  6. Hi Mate, I generally am not in a rush when I tie these, so I’d say they take about 45 mins to 1 hour each. You could finish them quicker, but I enjoy the process, so take my time.
  7. Hey Mate, looks like it’s happening, so I’d be more than happy to do a review. Watch this space...
  8. A recent tie, experimenting with colours, and layers.
  9. I haven’t had chance to do a step by step tie, but will get to it ASAP.
  10. Lol. It’s evolved. As has my choice. Think I’m going to go for the DynaKing Excalibur.
  11. Will check out the J-Vice. Cheers.
  12. Ahh yes, so there’s a few that have picked up the Law mantle!
  13. Hey Mate, Very nice. They’ll catch!
  14. Hey Mate, the two key methods, involve using eye shadow, and sharpie/marker pens and isopropyl alcohol. You can use any colour eye shadow depending on the finish your after. You only need to mix a little with the epoxy. Once mixed, it really does gives a nice sparkle to the epoxy. Gives you outstanding base colours. Using the marker pens, colour up the fly as desired, and dip a cotton bud into some isopropyl alcohol. You then dab the marker pen with the alcohol, which makes the colours dispurse, and bleed, looking much more natural. You can go on to layer colours to create depth. The possibilities are endless. I’ll do a bit of a step by step with these methods. Im still learning and experimenting.
  15. Hey Guy’s, I’ve recently learnt some really exciting methods with tying surf candys/epoxy baitfish patterns. Happy to share what I’ve learnt if anyone is interested. Picked up the techniques from outstanding fly tyer Giannidepace. How do you tie yours? All the best, Chris
  16. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the replies, especially Bazzer69. Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some issues with the vice. Since seriously considering buying this vice, I’ve since realised it’s probably not suited to my Saltwater tying. With that in mind, will continue to look. Its either going to be a Dynaking Excalibur, a Stonfo Transformer, or a Renzetti Master. Thanks again Guy’s.
  17. Lol, hey Mate! Small world! Yeah going good. Reaching out to the Guy’s here regarding a possible new tying vice. Joined the forum, and yeah enjoining being a part of it. Hope all is well with You Guy’s. Good to see you on here.
  18. This is one of the bigger Kingfish I managed to stop last year. Lost every one I’d hooked this size previously, so this was a big milestone for me. 98cm on a 9wt. Kingfish if you’re not aware fight soooo hard.
  19. Ahh yes, I did see that. I’ll send him a message. Cheers.
  20. Hi Mate, yes that’s an articulated pattern. Yeah the eyes are on the back.
  21. Hey Mate, do you mean the surf candies? I actually learnt a new method recently, mixing various powders with the epoxy for the base colour. Then the various colours are achieved with marker pens and alcohol rubbing. It’s an awesome technique. They were my first attempts the other day.
  22. Yeah Mate, that big fly is a Calamari pattern. We target Kingfish on them here.
  23. Hey Mate, I have experienced exactly the same issue. After a fair bit of research, I learn’t the method that Enrico Puglisi uses to attach his eyes to the Calamari fly. Using plastic eyes, such as the EP 9mm plastic eyes, which have a plastic tab sticking out the back. You trim the tab down, leaving a little bit, and in the EP fibres you burn a little socket. You then apply zap goo in the socket, and once it’s set, they’re rock solid. Below are my Calamari flies, which after tying this way, now have rock solid eyes. This method however, does call for plastic eyes, not stick on eyes. Cheers, Chris
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