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  1. Good idea about checking the under layers. I am happy this forum exists and y’all are part. BITD, I would break off the lighter threads and so I thought now maybe I was being too rough or jerky with it. Had I not taken a brake from my old passion, I might have used up this thread before it expired. I think I’ll replace these with some Waspi 140 unless there are better recommendations. (I should search).
  2. I have kept them in a plastic box which is in a closed wooden cabinet in the garage which never gets too warm to work in. (Southern California near the beach.)
  3. Thanks. So it is a thing. Likely Flymaster as it is my lighter stuff. The Monocord seems to be holding up OK. I haven’t been to a fly shop in years. A trip to Marriot’s will be fun.
  4. I haven’t been tying trout flys for maybe ten years but last night I set up a bench, got out my materials, and found that most of my lighter threads are rotten and break with the lightest pressure. I have 6 spools that will break just threading the bobbin. The stickers on the spools are long gone so I don’t know the brand. I likely purchased most of it 20 years ago. Has this happened to anybody else?
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