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  1. Okay. Thank you. I will look in to those.
  2. Okay. Thanks for an honest response. I will work on some more beginner flies, and hopefully work my way up to some more complex flies. thanks Noah
  3. Oh yeah! Forgot to insert pic... here it is
  4. Awesome. Thanks! Going to try it this weekend.
  5. I caught this in a minnow trap. I know this isn’t a bug. However, I was wondering the science of this fish. Been trapping here for years and never seen this before on a creek chub. Are the horns on his face some kind of territorial type of thing? Or is it similar to how male trout/salmon often get a hook jaw near breeding season? Any input is appreciated. the water levels are pretty low, not sure. thanks Noah
  6. Here it is. Please critique as you see fit. I put a piece of red chenille on the hook first after coating the shank with a layer of thread. Then I put foam around the hook shank. I then put brown cdc on the sides to pulse and act like legs at the same time. Then I wrapped the whole thing with muskrat fur. I put some elk hair on top to finish. It looks like crap from above, but I’m hoping that in the water it will act as kinda a stimulator type of thing.
  7. How would one fly fish the surf for stripers/blues?
  8. Okay. Thanks. Would Maribou look good as legs for a frog, kind of fanning out and pulsing? thanks Noah
  9. What about possibly making it look like a duck from under- would that be easier to tie? Noah
  10. Looking good! I’ll try that.
  11. My attempts at frog like kind of deals- top is some streamer I made up. It used to have grizzly hackles but they fell out. Guess I didn’t have them in tight enough. middle is my attempt at a dahlburg diver. Critique please. Bottom is something I made up with an offset bass worm hook, but kind of looks more like a green blob to me. Is there something I could do to it to make it look more like a frog? Thanks
  12. Does it have the same floating ability that deer hair has? Thanks
  13. Those look good. How would one tie those? Where do you buy a jointed hook?
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