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  1. Thanks for all of the suggestions and addressing my questions folks! There's a lot to dig into here, but it's clear that I don't need to necessarily worry about a 12 hook being too big for most nymph patterns! One thing is clear is that I also need to stock up on more varieties of thread, hackle, etc. I'm on the mend and feeling a lot better, but still have a few days of isolation to go, so the tying will continue. While I'm sure these are considered simpler patterns by the likes of you advanced tyers, here's a few I was able to crank out over the last two days. A couple of these you can tell were done before I ran out of size 14-16s, but now onto tying whatever I want onto a 12! Any constructive criticism is welcome, I'm still new to this! Pics in order: BH Sili Prince, Pheasant Tail, Purple Darth Baetis. Thanks again for all the ideas and commenting on my post, it's great to join the board and see what an awesome community you have here!
  2. Ha, much appreciated! As I said, pretty new to this....so maybe a couple other questions I've been pondering you might be able to help answer: 1) what role does the hook eye orientation play in the types of flies to tie? Example - i was using down eye nymph hooks to tie some size 14-18 purple & olive darth baetis nymphs, so wondering if it's "bad" to use these straight eye size 12 for the same pattern? 2) does thread size to hook size matter much? Another limiting factor...while waiting for my supplies to arrive, i'm also only working with the following: 140 denier tan & red, and 70 denier black, purple, olive. hesitant to use the finer thread on the larger hooks, per what i've been learning...
  3. Hi - I'm new to the forum and have only been tying flies for a little over a year. That said, I'm laid up with Covid and quarantining, and am looking to use up some size 12 straight eye nymph hooks. Don't ask why I bought such large nymph hooks....I'm wondering the same thing myself haha. It's what I've got left after using up all of my 14, 16 & 18's. Regardless, my searches keep leading me back to advice of only using size 14 or smaller, so I'm not quite sure what I could size 12s for, but I'm all ears. Any advice greatly appreciated!
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