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Tippet size

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Of course, LOL!

I see so many people trying to make things more difficult than it needs to be.

Okay, so you're fishing a highly pressured stretch of water on an even more pressured river/stream/lake. You might need to build a nine piece tapered leader that ends in a piece of spider web thinner than a human hair ... all to catch a four inch Brookie.


Two incidents compel me to believe it's not necessary.

In the 80's ... I visited my Dad in Caspar, Wyoming. I wanted to go fishing, so he took me to a stretch of water called the "Miracle Mile". Pretty water flowing through boulders and pools a mile below the Alcoa Dam. When we got there, there were more than fifteen people fishing up and down the river. I didn't have fly fishing gear, instead using a spinning outfit with braided line and a white "Panther Marten" lure. I walked up the stream, careful to avoid others fishing areas. As I pulled that little lure through the dead spot in front of a boulder, I hooked a good sized Rainbow. Then another on the next rock. Then a Brown ... and so on through 20 fish. My Dad was having a blast watching me ... and watching each of the other anglers leave. By the time I finished, they were all gone.


A couple of summers ago, I was in California, fishing a river (known for fish and regularly pressured) that was beautifully clear, swift and fertile. Again, I didn't have fly fishing equipment with me that time. I did have a 2 inch floater/diver minnow and some 4 inch plastic worms. Alternating between the two, I caught many many Sacramento Pike (some kind of large minnow) in the 8 to 10 inch range, several Brook and Rainbow Trout, and a good sized Brown trout. Again, all on a spinning outfit and braided line.


The only two times I've fished for trout, both times with "the wrong equipment", both times having a great time catching fish left and right. I've had harder times trying to catch keeper sized Bluegill than I have catching Trout.

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