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  1. Nothing new in my neck of the woods. But there are a few little creeks that don't get many anglers, mostly because they're a bit of a pain to fish. Absolutely no fly fishing in these areas. Small lures on a spinning rig catches a lot of brightly colored Red Breast and Pumpkinseed Sunfish. Once in a while there's a bass or two. I haven't fished any of them lately. Might have to go check them out sometime soon.
  2. I freeze mine in water, too. Keeps them fresh for much longer than any other system I've tried. Freezer burn and drying out are effects I've seen in other systems. Don't get either of those encased in ice.
  3. Very glad to hear it, Steve. Concentrate on the sounds of nature while you're up there and the "background" tinnitus will be gone for the duration.
  4. Like many large, deep reservoirs, the big fish are usually deep. The subject of this thread was caught on a "Dropshotted Nightcrawer". Since Havasu is a very clear lake, it could've been on a bed in 20 or 30 feet of water. Your snail flies, fished deep like you do for saltwater fish, might be a great combo.
  5. I'm going on Poopdeck's comment being a hit against keeping fish that are trophy fish. The fact that Havasu is known for it's huge Sunfish, this one is only slightly special. As far as holding the fish out at arm's length ... it only bother's me if someone is trying to lie about the size of the fish. Holding a 4 pound bass out and claiming it's a 6 pounder ... that would raise my hackles. Holding a true trophy fish closer to the camera? Just a happy angler proud of his catch and keeping his face in the picture, as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Once again, I seem to be on the wrong side of a discussion. It's a big Red Ear, for sure! I'm not much of a critic to the way others treat fish. Can't get one in the record book without official weight and measurements. I believe the last Record Red Ear was from Havasu, too. Most people keep Sunfish of all species, because they're considered "eatin'" fish. Just because this one was a huge fish doesn't really change that, since it comes from a lake apparently full of huge fish. Sorry, I can't empathize with you guys who think this is some kind of atrocity. It's a Red Ear ... they're everywhere. And hero shots of fish being held at arms length ... I just can't get worked up about that, either. If it was some rarer fish, maybe. But not this one.
  7. Nice time catching fish! Cute little ducklings! Wife would've wanted to take those home.
  8. Get up and go without him. I'm a morning person, but I don't push to get on the water early. I've done it, many time over many years. So far, I've never caught anything "early" that made me say, "Ooo, I have to go this early again." I catch as many fish through the day that early morning fishing isn't a big deal.
  9. I guess I'm a lucky one. I tie for my fishing, so I don't "need" to tie. Can't get tier's block if you don't have a tying addiction or a product deadline. I've got a lot of hobbies. I'm not "dedicated" to any one hobby, so feel no "push" to do any of them. They're all just for fun. If I don't have a need for flies, I don't have a need to tie.
  10. That wood is beautiful, Mark. Nice work on the bowl.
  11. Grays and silver ... nice combo I haven't seen on a fly rod before. I like it.
  12. That looks wickedly dangerous! I know it can be done, but I am no where near confident enough to approach something that large with those edges. I like your wood choices, though. Gonna be a beautiful piece ... if it stays in one piece!
  13. Run the 6 miles, fish a bit, then run back. If you're using a bicycle, get your heart up to over 120 beats a minute, then keep it there. If you're not breaking a sweat and breathing hard, you aren't getting much of a work out. Riding a bike by just pedaling enough to get somewhere (pedaling and coasting) isn't actually doing much, exercise wise. Biking and running aren't strength training. You can run everyday without injury, as long as you're doing it correctly. It IS high impact, if you're just stomping along ... which is the easy way to run. If you're placing your feet, instead of falling forward onto them, it is lower impact, more difficult and a MUCH better exercise. Keep at it, your definitely doing the right thing, getting in shape, whether you end up in an academy or not.
  14. I've not tried anything that large, yet. I'm finally getting comfortable with small stuff, so a larger bowl is coming. BUT, I won't be working near flying corners anytime soon. I'll stick with round things.
  15. Always ... ALWAYS ... train harder than you intend to perform. If you want to run a faster 1 mile, run ten miles. When you get to the point you're running ten miles without slowing, then a mile is easy-peasy. When I was running 3 mile PFTs, I ran an average 15 miles a day.
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