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  1. On an even better note ... now you'll never have to take your kids fishing with you again. 👍
  2. I'd run out of pencils and paper before that list was finished !!!
  3. Is the space behind the false wall big enough to hide a body?
  4. mikechell

    When ?

    64 years old and I've been fishing since I was 6. It's always been "fishing" and "fishermen". I didn't know it was called "angling" and "anglers" until I was in my 20s and in the military. Since the bible has references to "fishers of men", I will assume that fishing and fishermen might have preceded the other. There's always been the desire to make everything seem more important or more prestigious than it actually is by calling it fancy names. Seems to me people did the same with fishing and fishermen.
  5. As much as you don't want to ... I think you should definitely read the directions.
  6. Just checked my wallet. I can't afford the shipping so, I'm not buying it.
  7. Welcome to the site, Doug.
  8. Congrats on the weight loss and the improvements to your health! Keep it going and pretty soon we'll be calling you "Benjamin Button".
  9. Might be expensive, but I don't consider it "robbery". There's a lot of training and experience in a good technician, no matter the trade. A badly disassembled/reassembled microwave can actually kill some people. The liability insurance a licensed business isn't cheap, either. My feelings on the issue ... if it's beyond my capabilities, then it's worth paying a good company to do the job.
  10. bobbers two names for the same function.
  11. I tried to send you a PM, Bob. I got the warning that you can't receive messages. So, here's the message. Hey Capt. My wife really wants to see a crocodile. You've posted several pictures of the croc at the boat ramp and I have two questions. 1. Is the crocodile always there? And 2. What ramp is that, so I can take Jennie there? She doesn't do well for long periods sitting in a car, so we don't want to drive all day only to NOT see a croc. Thank you in advance for your answers.
  12. That photographer missed the whole points!
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