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  1. That's almost as pretty as blue! I like it.
  2. Left to right, my favorite rods. "The Needle", "The Night King", "Long Claw" and an unnamed 8 weight. All 4 are custom builds by a guy named Steve at Midwest Custom Fly Rods.
  3. Holy Cow! That's a lot of work ... labor of love! I like it! Sorry to hear about the tree, but glad you could still make use of the trunk. Looks good, too!
  4. mikechell

    Insect ID

    Like Niveker said: "The tiger bee fly, Xenox tigrinus, is an insect of the family Bombyliidae found in the eastern United States and southern Ontario."
  5. I've always brought 'em in by hand, too. To me, that's part of the fun of fly fishing as opposed to other types of gear. Almost all of my rods have BPS (White River) reels on them. The ones that don't have automatic reels ... line storage devices is all they are. As far as balance goes, I don't notice. I guess I've fished with automatic reels for so long, lighter reels don't feel "better", just different.
  6. I love a day on quiet water catching Sunnies of any species. Thanks for the pictures.
  7. VERY nice report and great pictures. Thank you for posting this!
  8. Pictures? Casting video, maybe?
  9. Of course! We've always called Crane Flies "Mosquito Hawks". I just didn't put 2 and 2 together.
  10. mikechell


    Wife and I have been to all 50 States, and I've been to 18 Countries. Space would be on my bucket list if it was possible.
  11. mikechell


    Speaking of going to Mars ... I just hope they put a "base" on the Moon before trying to send humans to Mars. If something goes wrong on the Moon, we might be able to send help within a few days (assuming the craft that took the "originals" their isn't a one-of-a-kind). If something goes wrong on Mars, it's months before help could arrive. We need to prove we can set up a self sustaining habitat on the Moon before we try doing it on Mars. Yeah, I'd go help colonize the Moon, too! I agree with Poopdeck, a bit. If I paid the money to go to space, I'd want the multi-day stay, to really get the feel of free fall for an extended period of time.
  12. A little small for Florida Bluegill, but it'll draw some interest!
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