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  1. After years have gone by I still love this fly
  2. alittle late,but thanks for the comments. this is one of my favorite flies to tie.
  3. the hook is either a bartleet cs10-1 or an alec jackson,went to look at the fly and i couldnt find it,then i remembered i gave it to a friend. the hackle is a brown soft hackle,possibly grizzly. thanks to all for comments
  4. thanks eide,i enjoy tying steelhead patterns especially the classic pacific northwest ones i live in oregon next to the rogue and applegate river Both have great steelhead runs.
  5. Fools Gold Fool's Gold with squirrel tail This fly comes from Mike Kennedy it calls for a bucktail wing,but I tied this one using squirrel tail. tied by Randy Taylor Fool's Gold with squirrel tail
  6. Bucktail October Caddis palmered hackle a go to fly for fall Steelhead tied by Randy Taylor
  7. ok so it has been almost 2 yrs since i have posted on here,and i hope i am still welcomed.the past 2 yrs have been not so good health wise,but for the most part its behind me and on the road to recovery.sat down last month and tied some flies for the first time in almost over a year.still re learning some things.i do hope to keep it going and being a contributor to the forum. this here is a Rogue Red Ant designed by Mike Kennedy have a great day
  8. you could tie up some red butt skunks,,,and some green butt skunks that would use the colors you have . do a search for patterns. tie a green butt skunk, and then replace the green with red and use white bucktail for a hairwing on both..just an idea......................great flies here on the west coast...............
  9. just something i tied up.trying to put random colors in a fly to see what it would look like.
  10. thanks for the compliments.......
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