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  1. Haha, we've had so many door mats of various claimed abilities. I'll have to wait until 'lockdown' is lifted and then I can source a local shop or two.
  2. If i replace my current mower with a mulcher it will be a 100% mulching machine and not a 3:1 or 4:1. My wife is bound to say the dogs paddling in bits so I might try and see if a dealer is local and will loan one for a 24hr trial. If it was upto me the lawn would be gone and it would be a huge pond with bridges and paths over it
  3. I'm not sure if these are a big thing over in US but anyone if they use one, does the lawn have a lot of small grass pieces left which pets collect and drag inside?
  4. That just looks absolutely brilliant. The lack of water doesn't distract in anyway from the 'fish tank'. I reckon that's my favourite one
  5. Did try this with a set of flies. Wasn't as sensible with colour choice as you and by the time I came to use them I couldn't remember which thread meant weighted and unweighted. 🙄
  6. I believe its some batches. Possibly the dye. I've a pack of a purple shade that's just all in the bin. Never had red or black do it. Had some in grey that was hit and miss
  7. Hi folks. I have two trophy tamers. An extra heavy and a medium heavy. Does any one know were these all made in China as only the extra heavy has made in china printed next to the south bend label.
  8. I think an old member here, kirk dietrich had a pattern called squirrely. I use it in winged streamers and in wake flies that I want to swing across the surface. Make sure you wax your thread well and tie down butt's firmly. A tiny drop of glue can help too. Don't be mistaken thinking more and more wraps is always better.
  9. Awesome Steve. Especially the weight loss you've managed too.
  10. I like that. Great idea. A lot of racket handles are hollow too so you could add foam so it floats if dropped.
  11. Depending on size of fish you intend to target a #5 switch is getting on for a heavy #7/#8 equivalent single hander. I use a 3-4 micro spey that Steve (midwest custom fly rods and mod on here) made me up. That speys lovely with a short head #7 single line and overhead with a #5. I fish small rivers for atlantic salmon and find this rod perfect for small tube flies and coneheads but not too big as a traditional spey rod. Makes playing the fish a blast too.
  12. Along with the bobbins these are like unicorns and bigfoot. I missed a chance at two bobbins a couple of years back and haven't seen any come up for sale since.
  13. The masks work by restricting spread from the wearer. If everyone wore one and then was meticulous with hand hygiene it would cut down cases a lot. But you can't take it off then touch your worktop and dog and door handle etc. You need to wash hands, remove and wash at over 60 deg or bin it and then wash hands again. Then take a bleach solution and wipe everything you've touched from the car to the house. If you wipe surfaces with bleach or 70% alcohol they should appear wet for 4mins to know you've killed anything on there
  14. Piker20


    Stay safe guys.
  15. Piker20


    And I hope it remains like that Steve although the time to the first 100k cases was something like a month, next 100k 15 days and 3rd 100k 4 days. The US could be a disaster if people can freely mix and it's not reigned in.
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