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  1. poopdeck I look forward to seeing what those frogs get to eat them.
  2. Hey Norm. We moved house and i moved jobs and life just seemed to over take me a bit. Haven't really been near the vice for years now but it's set up and my son wants to get into the fly fishing more now, so hopefully 2023 will see me fly fishing and tying with a vengeance. I have a loch that has a rich shrimp life so plan to fill a box with scuds and shrimp types.
  3. That jungle dragon is a beauty Norm. I would love to see your take on the Megan Boyd shrimp. A fly named after Megan Boyd who was a famous tyer here in North Scotland.
  4. It's a shame this was not solved. I only really use the mobile to access forums and its ruined this brilliant forum for me.
  5. What you need is the suggestion of life and proportion. Two winds of hackle would dwarf a size 20 fly but look perfect on a #8
  6. Unfortunately International postage and missing flies stopped me joining swaps. It was a brilliant way for me to improve my tying and consistency and I will be hoping to join the Christmas swap this year if I get enough notice with international postage taking so long.
  7. OK folks. I know this is a little like asking what the best way to serve coffee is but... Orvis TLS mid flex #5 Anyone used one. What's it like with lighter tippets 2lb -4lb and dries. I have a cheap entry level orvis streamline(??) #5 and this is a little too numb when I'm fishing. I'm looking for more pleasure from sub 1lb fish but the ability to fish dries in stocked water upto 5lb
  8. I'm using android phone and looked good. Haven't compared it with computer to know any different but easy to navigate and links open fine.
  9. I remember we did a big swap donation to project healing waters and there was a lovely letter back from those who took part.
  10. That works for me. Looking good Steve
  11. Hydrogen makes much more sense. Homes that currently use gas for heating can easily (relatively) be converted to hydrogen and maintain the same level of comfort. Electric heating only works well in modern super insulated homes. So if homes are going to need mass hydrogen storage then wouldn't it be sense to run cars off the same. Or as Silver says, embrace nuclear and sell cheap power to the masses
  12. That's lovely rod Steve. I'm still thrilled with my 3/4 you built me. Unfortunately still not hooked a salmon but this year the river is full waiting on rain so I'm very hopeful this is the season for breaking that duck
  13. Do you chat with Alan aka Crackaig much, I have something for him, but need his address to send it to and he hasn't responded to my request on the fly tying forum.  I also see that you haven't been on in a while, so hopefully you are doing good.  If you know how to get ahold of him could you please let him know I am wanting to chat with him please.

    Thank you.


  14. Going to look immense when it's done. You lost more weight Steve?
  15. I switched to the chrome tab access on the phone and not the Google shortcut on home screen
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