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  1. Here's a try at the realistic, I feel its far from a true realistic but it gave me a good idea of what is involved. It is a crane fly.
  2. Thank you very much Mike, just what was needed. It has shed light on what I need to do. Thanks Rhino, very nice techniques.
  3. I agree with the above a beginners instructional cd would be up my street, but that aint to say an intermediate and experienced editions could not also be made. As for format I would like to see at least four patterns per cd and the patterns I would be interested in would be Mayflies and nymphs.
  4. Nice tie there Garren, I have done a bit of weaving work before so may give it a go, very good step by step exactly what I am looking for. Mike have you got any links to point me to the info you mention? I have searched but can not find. Anyone else got any links for step by steps for constructing a mayfly both realistic and super realistic?
  5. On the helpfull advice of Fred H, I am asking how to go about constructing a body for a Mayfly. This will be my first try at a full on realistic having tied various lifelike fishable emergers in the past I would say I am a competent tyer and would like to up the ante in my tying. I have a few materials to hand i.e foam, swiss straw (natural & synthetic), tippets, moose mane. Anything else I need to start? Pics would also be helpful in this project. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks Jack for the link. Thanks Fred for the input. I have most of them materials at hand now so I will post an additional "how do i" post.
  7. Thanks for the info Fred. I think my first try will be at a mayfly. How would I go about creating one and materials needed?
  8. I am starting to get into the realistic side of tying, I am a competant tyer of trout flies and was wondering what are the basic tools and materials needed to create the realistics.
  9. I cant seem to download the templates that Graham mentions, can anyone please supply any templates for me? after mayfly, dragonfly and cranefly.
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