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  1. Thanx guys, I really appreciate your comments.
  2. I make the extended body's on a thin peace of wire. Then ty in some swiss straw backwards and fold in over, tying one segment at a time.
  3. Hi guys, i've tried to make a damsel. Martin
  4. Whow what an amazing fly. Superb. Indeed was a nice fair last weekend. Arkle did i meet you to at the BFFI? Martin
  5. Stunning fly. The best thing i've seen from you in a long time..... Hope to be seatted next to you at the BFFI..... Martin
  6. Hey Paul, nice fly. When will we go tying flies again?? Martin
  7. Hi, i've got the tufffleye as well and it doesn't cure with the normal UV light it's just not the right spectrum. But i looked for a way around because the light to cure it is way to expensive and there is... There are two types of blue light both they are in use of nailstudios. I don't know the color numbers anymore but somewhere around 70 i guess. These light cure the tufffleye nice but take a little bit ore time then the original light. I don't think thats a problem.... Martin
  8. i make them the Paul willocke styl with a little twist... Al most the same as the youtube one but use varnish and raffia in stead of tape... Or for damsels and dragonflies the wings from sheets are ok to. Martin But only pratice makes perfect.
  9. Andres, thanx for the comment. The wings are still under design. I have a new idea already. When i've got an example i will show them again. Kind regards Martin
  10. Arkle thnx have been al bit busy with work lately and now European championship football is on but i will be back soon. But first i have to study the damsels. Kind regards Martin
  11. Hello guys, I've made a new one. Next ty will be the damsels..
  12. The wings re mde from sheets of a overheadprojector. The veins are carved in an then painted with a permenent marker. Last step is painting them with mat varnish.
  13. I was tying on a fair last week and after half a day i was bored tying goldbead nymphs so i tried something new. It's not perfect yet and i have another way of making my wings now. There is an example of the new wing in the attachement. Kind regards Martin The Netherlands
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