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  1. I've been rod building and to get a glass smooth finish on guides, I mix the 2 equal parts of epoxy for 3 minutes (seems like a lot but then so is a $260 rod blank) so it is good and mixed. Now for flies use a 5 minute epoxy and mix for 3 min and by the time you get it on the head of the fly, it is starting to cure and there really is no need to spin it on a wheel, I just spin mine in my vise till it sets up. As far as mixing goes it's better to use a larger batch of epoxy than you need because an uneven mix/ratio is not as big in a larger batch than the same mix/ratio in a smaller batch
  2. 15 mm Waddington shank Tail: mini zonker strip Flash: 3 strands DNA chromosome one each side Hackle: schlappen Head/ collar: rabbit in a dubbing loop and trimmed Eyes: 5/32 nickel I-Balz
  3. Very nice tie on the original dressing, not a well known pattern at all. It should do great on G.L. tribs
  4. Partridge and (color) with vinyl tube for the body. Sinks the fly a little deeper and is a little more durable thasn a silk or thread body. Cheers
  5. Rocky, Beautiful fly, fish-on!!!! for sure. I like the taper on the rear, very nice touch, great colors
  6. I agree with Mark, I like the Alec Jackson over the B.V. I am a blind eye guy too and wished they made the 2091 in different sizes. Hey Mark where can one such as myself pick up some of the Partridge the CS5JP? And how many hours of work do them beauties cost? BTW Ronn's Droughtwater hooks looks pretty too
  7. Looks good Marty. You could use mono for the rib too. Or start the body up the shank more to keep the stem aeway from the fishes mouth a little more. Keep em' coming beautiful work
  8. very nice indeed, that wing sits nice. I want to see your avatar :headbang:
  9. Looks good, like Mark said, a little work in the head area, the hook looks small, so maybe a size smaller thread would give you a little more room, just be careful not to apply too much, Like me.......all the time
  10. Here's a Black King that took me 2 or 3 days to finish while taking nyqil and dayqil to get over a cold. Day 1 was the eye, day 2 was the body, hackle and collar and day 3 was the wing, I think day 3 was the longest and most frustrating because I thought it was me having trouble setting the wing but after about 5th or 6th wing, the nyquil started to subside and I realized that I have no more good bronze mallad, so I through out about 15-20 unsuitable feathers and salvaged two slips to make the wings, the near wing curves slightly over the far wing at the tie in point b/c I had to streeeeatch it to meet the far wing and the steam was tight to the shank and twisted a little, well I am pretty happy with it, until the nyqil wears off and I see what I really did Hope you enjoy And as I previewed the pic, I see my rib spacing is off, to be nice about it, so fitting and end, I guess I was going for function over fashion. Cheers Joe
  11. Marty, beautiful flies, good to see you over here, what do you call the purple one , keep on tying and posting those beauties, can't wait to see more. Joe
  12. For blind eye, I perfer the Partridge HE2 or Alec Jackson blind eye, they only come in size 1.5. Try to find some Daiichi Dee/Streamer hooks style 2271 , the are a down loop eye and have a longer shank, nice limerick bend, I do believe that the Partridge Bartleet Traditional CS10/1 is a little longer then the supreme, I am not sure b/c I do not have any. I perfer the blind eye cause the shanks are longer, just my $.02.
  13. The quality looks a lot better than good, now send them here and I'll test the finished product out. Looks beautiful, keep'em coming
  14. I tied up a baker's dozen of gardner's last week with different types of fowl winging and this one is tied with some peacock I won off E-Bay and it reminded me of a stealth bomber from the top, a little long in the tag but hey, had to share. Joe
  15. Here's some Dunts waiting for the water, I didn't have white tipped turkey, but it's on the list. The top one had the wings tied together before mounting, I perfer mounting each one seperately. Two facing <--are one 1/0 HE2 and the two facing ---> are on Alec J 1.5 and they were reverse wrapped for fullness, I think the 3rd one down got nervous infront of the camera and got his wings in a bunch. Hope you like "em ' Joe
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