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  1. Hey hey man been really good ! Life has its up and downs as we all know! Haha I got a real kick out of reading all those threads ! The mamma Ruggles profile I had completely forgotten about 😂. We were having fun no doubt. Still fishing, tying, and building. How have you been ?
  2. I just thought it was comical. Steeldrifter, smalliehunter, flytime and a few others were prevalent at the time. Its just crazy its been over ten years. Tightlines to all, Ive kept them tight myself !
  3. Anybody still on here from 2005? I ran across the old threads yesterday of crybaby of the year hilarious 😂. Yall sure are hard on a youngin! Im about 29 now. Yall feel old yet 😂😂😂 took me awhile to guess my password !
  4. Thanks for the info we fly out tomorrow. Looking fowards to reporting back.
  5. my family and I are going to Telluride mainly to fish. We will be there for a week so I was really hoping to get some inside advice from the area. My main concern is tying the flies we'll need the first few days. I never believe what a fly shop tells me because in my experience and from talking to some owners a lot of times they simply tell you whats hot is what they need to get rid of. Id hate to tie a pattern that was useless. Not shooting for negativity just hope to put my dad on some fish is all. I dug up a book in my collection of fishing literary and found some info on some of the rivers but not so much. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Being from Arkansas we don't see stonefly hatches or green drakes or hex... Sometimes but not usually on the bigger mayflies. I don't know how it compares to fishing a March Brown hatch here to fishing a stonefly hatch there. Hatch charts, flies, info on rivers, access would all be very useful. Thanks guys and tight lines with thick wallets! JRod sorry i forgot to mention we leave tuesday.
  6. most of the time we float from swinging bridge to pangburn most the time the river catches us before then and we just motor on down. a lot of the browns came out of the Barnett area and some came from on down. We would consistently take a nice brown every new stretch of river. We just now learned what to look for river wise and it was rarely disappointing. We used a variety of flies throughout the day... started drifting soft hackles and a red ass was included there, later switched to sowbug patterns and then I drifted a "dead" rainbow pattern we came up with the night prior. I like to fish experimental flies a lot after you've already had a good day. The dead rainbow did well. Just come up with something original and you'll have luck, afterall, they've seen everything.
  7. those brookies at jfk love the midges... in fact jfk is perfect midge fishing. ive never caught any of a decent size but landed a few small ones. your right havent caught very many of those dudes. when are you coming down again?
  8. thanks guys and those were some impressive fish out of the spring to. ok so bump after 5 million edits here they are. used to you could do it the way i did but not sure anymore about anything... but the fishing. so bump check it out.
  9. My girlfriend and I have been fishing the Little Red quite often for the past few weeks. We've had very good success. Only seven days in on fly fishing for her and she's really picked it up. I've been tying flies and fishing and building rods for several years now and its fun to find someone to share it with. We always enjoy it and appreciate the awesome fisheries in AR. The game and fish and corp really do a good job down here. Supposedly the game and fish never stocked any Browns into the red. They started it out by rolling big bails of moss off and improved the habitat a bit. Some insects were introduced. Without much change to the actual tail water a good beginning was taking place. After a healthy bit of Rainbows were established, a local club secretly introduced browns and they really thrived. That's the story anyway.... regardless, it worked. If anyone would be interested in tactics we used, areas, or flies, or even a trip...pm me. hooked up with a nice Brown on a 4wt what a fight released one of her impressive browns. already asking to go back my Patagonia scheme :devil: haha just joking... real nice fish. most caught sight fishing! interesting damage. my guess is adolescent accident Mr Raccoon fishing with us. another good fish. they hardly give up... but eventually, in hand! and after going home for a haircut! Thanks for looking. I have fished many tail waters of AR. Those interested in coming to AR I'd be happy to help. I've been absorbed in fly fishing since 11 and 12. Its my passion and I love sharing it with others. These fish were very spooky and fairly hard to catch. Common tactics will end your day fish less. Pressure in these rivers are crazy steep. My advice coming to AR is to get out of the box, grab a jon boat, know the generation schedules, and fish your own flies... your own patterns I mean. And I've noticed wade fisherman giving bad looks to a guy floating down drift fishing. Keep in mind boats have the right of way here and if anyone says anything to you tell them to read the regs!! Bait fisherman crowd the banks on most of the public access points. Don't be afraid to walk down river or upstream and leave them. Just know the schedule because little to no warning is given (away from the dam and popular areas) and it comes up quick! If in a boat excellent fishing can be expected while floating down with high water behind you and low water in front. Stay right on the "edge" of rising waters. For more info or fly patterns pm me. I don't mind sharing my flies... but maybe not to the whole world. Little Red River, Heber Springs, AR 9 hour float trip from swinging bridge Many many fish caught and all released. Including Rainbows, A Cutthroat, small Browns, And the largest Browns ranging from 24" to 27" Tight lines and thick wallets, JRod
  10. nice glad to see the spring river show up on here. Some real nice fish in that river. Very nice !
  11. a #18 straight shank tmc and whatever I find underneath the rocks No seriously this... very proven pattern for me.
  12. damn i really miss this place! i was just looking at some post from a couple years ago ha!
  13. hey im jarrod ... from arkansas... lol.
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