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  1. My season starts whenever I fill like going, but a lot of rivers around here really pick up by mid-march.
  2. Another nice one, Fred. Fish beware...
  3. Very nice tie. You have lots of potential and so do your flies.
  4. Outstanding job, Fred :headbang: :headbang:
  5. Yet another sweet fly that you have tied, good job.
  6. Very nice tie. Cool soft-hackle, the fish will love it.
  7. Good starts Tobbe1 and definitely do Ronn's lessons, they are great tools. Keep tying.
  8. Even with that said it still looks nice. That should hook a few.
  9. Rad fly. :headbang: :bugeyes:
  10. How can anything go wrong with a fly like that. :headbang:
  11. You always tie some sweet soft-hackles :headbang: . Good job. :thumbsup:
  12. Great looking fly. Awesome trout catcher.
  13. Smallie catchers for sure. :headbang: Nice job.
  14. Sweet 'little' fly :headbang: I have fished flies that small, it can be really tuff. :bugeyes:
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