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  1. Pattern/style which has proven itself. Size 10 and 6 seem to cover things. I have to think that it suggests a small crayfish on the waters I've fished it. Gotta say though, in 40 years I have never seen an orange crayfish (which was not cooked). Orange has been working. Absolutely no need to add the barred ginger hackle sides, but on the bigger flies I think it just looks better. I tie flies for me to like as much as for the fish to like. Lead eyes, fine cut silicone tail, spanflex body, craft fur wing, root beer krystal flash.
  2. it sucks. all around, it just does. there is so much misinformation, disinformation, misinterpretation, wilful exaggeration, and everything else regarding recommendations and restrictions and actual laws. Sorry to hear and see what happened. 100% pro LE here, and if the Officer was like 99% of the LEOs I know he felt bad about having to tell you to leave too. Here in Pa the Governor (who I do not agree with on almost anything) is constantly under attack for his recommendations... and the general population of geniuses continually prove that restrictions are needed. Bottom line, you did the right thing and you did good by both your boy and the Officer. There are very few right answers. You don't have to like it, you just have to do it, and if it is actually an infringement of your rights, it can be settled later.
  3. I've used Trilene XL clear or green for tippet in all my freshwater fly fishing (with the exception of wire when I was trying to catch pike and pickerel) for the last 30 years or so. I don't seem to remember a time when I said "Dammit! I wish I would have spent $7 on 25 yards of XYZ tippet material!" I've bought fluorocarbon, I've bought this and that and a lot of everything else, but just haven't been anywhere it mattered. I'm having a new house built less than a mile from the Letort Spring Run near Carlisle Pa, apparently all the trout there have doctorate degrees in very intelligent intelligence, so maybe I'll need to buy special tippet. We'll see.
  4. Blasphemy! You will be excommunicated if you continue to display common sense while discussing fly fishing.
  5. JSzymczyk


    "hate" takes more energy than I really care to expend on anyone at this point in my life- if it is an emotion opposite of love, I may have felt hate twice in my life. No time for that shit any more. Dislike, detest, abhor, suffer crippling disappointment, oh yeah, all that and more. A problem here for someone like me is there is no chance to get away from population on a quick-trip basis, and this year with travel restrictions at work, no chance period. Even with the crowds of morons, I have had a few very early morning floats and wading sessions in which I was almost alone. The older I get, the more I value solitude (I always have valued it), or spending time with a very few non-morons who I have met. I keep trying to give people the chance- I will like you until you give me a reason not to. Occasionally my hope is restored- last week I was out on a bike ride, where I live I have no choice on my way out of town but to pass a few small spring creeks which are overlooked- A young guy, maybe 18 or 19 and because it is 2020 I gotta say even though it is totally irrelevant, ethnically not the same as me, getting on his bike, carrying a fishing rod and wearing a vest- I asked if he had any luck, stopped, talked for probably half an hour about fish and fishing and local areas, just two guys, chance meeting, great conversation, faith restored that there are good people out there.
  6. JSzymczyk


    Did you miss the first 30 seconds, or are you being more sarcastic than I usually am? I get a laugh from most of his videos, seems like someone even I, the guy who doesn't like anyone, could go fishing with. the beer thing is just his gimmick. The "beach" thing- I'm 100% with him. A moment of consideration goes a LONG way. Had this happen to me again just two weekends ago. I had waded up (not floating, but the same concept) a long way on a local creek, just trying to enjoy some peace and quiet and got to a nice small gravel bar, not 10 seconds later, around the bend comes 3 overloaded canoes full of dogs, yelling kids, two radios loudly tuned to DIFFERENT stations, and alleged adults. Guess what happenend. Literally at my feet, they pull up and unass the boats, one teenage girl immediately takes a filthy diaper off a three year old while trying not to burn the kid with her cigarette, and chucks it into the woods and washes the kid off in the creek, empty beer bottles are thrown into the woods, dogs running all over... I was honestly stunned, it was as if I was invisible. (I'm not. In fact I'm very visible.) All this in the space smaller than an average living room. Even a living room in a trailer. It's that kind of F-ing attitude that ruins things for everyone. You'd think that in the outdoors it might be a little different than it is at walmart, but it's not.
  7. my kayak fishing partner has one, used to be on the Jackson pro staff until he gave up the pro staff stuff a couple years ago, and he loves it. (he did not get it through any Jackson relationship- he paid his own $$$) I have been on it and pedaled it and it is nice. As a wanna-be cyclist, the pedaling dynamics are different than a bike- seat adjustability might take some very fine tuning. I know he had a seat adjustment rod chincadera break but Jackson covered it very quickly under warranty. seems like a high quality boat- but at $3000 to start and the need for a truck or trailer, you gotta be prepared. Don't know how it would handle any sort of waves. It ain't a kayak, that's for sure.
  8. opinions are only opininons. For every opinion you get about "what is the best vise" there will be two other opinions extolling the virtues of a different vise. I am completely satisfied with the Peak rotary I have been tying on for well over 12 years. I don't even know when I bought it. There will be others who agree. There will be many others who say their preferred brand is better. There is no answer to your question. For streamers and bucktails, which are my favorite flies to tie and fish, the angle of a rotary does not always provide the best experience. years ago I bought an HMH Spartan vise that I could adjust the jaw angle to flat--- making bucktail and streamer tying more enjoyable. Vises all do essentially the same thing. For rotary style tying, which I think is so much more enjoyable to wrap bodies and hackle, and get 360 degree view of what you are doing, nearly all of them will put the hook shank almost in line with the axis of rotation, which is the fundamental requirement. Decide how much money you want to spend, if at all possible visit a shop or tying club and try different vises, pick one with a reputable name, and carry on.
  9. every year that goes by, I say my goals are to fish more and bike more. Every year that goes by, I work more. We seem to have it all wrong. I'm 51, and have been working nonstop full-time-plus for well over 30 years. Never been unemployed. There are days when I feel like when I am finally able, IF I am finally able to not work, I'll be too old and broke down to enjoy not having to work. Obviously I'm not very intelligent or I would have figured this sh*t out by now. There were circumstances which caused me to largely stop fly fishing local streams over the last 8-9 years. This year one of my kayak fishing buddies caught the fly fishing sickness so thankfully I've been doing more this summer, and tying more to keep him from buying child-slave-labor crap flies tied in Jerkistan. I don't have the miles on my bike that I had last year, but not too far off of it. WORK always seems to get in the way. I've been fishing one morning or so every weekend and trying to get in a couple hours one night a week, and getting 25-35 mile ride at least 3 times a week, with covid and a new job it hasn't been easy.
  10. I just use an "empty" peanut butter jar. Dump a bunch of flies in, shake it, and they all stick to the sides. Nice and neat. One layer deep.
  11. good God almighty, BRILLIANT!!! If I could get my wife of 30 years to chew 30 pieces of gum she might not talk long enough for me to get some peace and quiet!!
  12. JSzymczyk


    Please don't kill strippers. You'll end up on the evening news. They're just trying to make a living.
  13. JSzymczyk


    I certainly don't photograph every fish... but the memories get lost and twisted and changed. I would give almost anything for some photographs of certain fish and times that my Dad and I shared so long ago. We didn't have the convenience of digitally preserving the moments like we do now. I don't know, but I would wager you will feel the same as you grow older.
  14. JSzymczyk


    I agree with everything said.... but PLEASE if you come off plane you need to know if you are creating an even bigger wake than if you just kept going. Having basically grown up in canoes and being an avid kayak angler, I deal with it all the time. Folks who think they're being nice actually cause a bigger wake and make the experience last longer. I'll say from experience it beats the hell out of getting run over by an a$$hole who shouldn't be on the water in the first place, but, you get what I'm saying. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ respect for the fish, absolutely 100%, but there are people who take it too far. even the holy trout get dumped from airplanes and shot through pipes after being trucked hundreds of miles. If someone truly had total respect for the fish, they wouldn't fish... Yes care and respect are vitally important, but correctly holding a fish out of water for a few seconds for a photo before release is not cause for banishment.
  15. LOVE to eat some trout- and agree 100% with Sandan, filleting trout makes it a pain to deal with the bones. Even steelhead, lake trout, any salmonid. On the very rare occasions I get to catch some steelhead, I cut them into steaks and grill them. Pan frying, Mom taught us the best way, and you can remove the entire skeleton in one piece and have all the meat with no bones. You need to catch more and give it a try.
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