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  1. are you sure they are beatles and not beetles? Trouts are smart you know, they pay attention to shite like that....
  2. well I've more or less been away from this forum for a few years.... one thing that will apparently never change is the ability for fly tyers and fly fishermen to magnificently overcomplicate any possible thing. Think about all the billion and more variables that are present when you make a cast--- the odds of this one variable---- whether synthetic/silicone/rubber legs are ON the surface film or UNDER the surface film being the deciding factor in any given cast- as to whether a fish takes the fly... You beat yourself up over it and then along comes a kid with a zebco 33 spooled with 20lb fluorescent mono, and catches the trout that just kicked your ass on a #3 Mepps spinner....
  3. JSzymczyk

    Cold Feet!

    absolutely no affiliation but I have spent some money lately on different types of socks from Darn Tough Vermont sock company, and it is almost ridiculous how much I like them. Sounds silly, but damn they are good. Lifetime warranty too, which is unbelievable but true. Check them out. Great Merino wool socks for all applications.
  4. Never-ending entertainment to hang around a heavily used boat launch in the summer....
  5. the more complicated it is to tie, the better it is.
  6. JSzymczyk


    things have changed since March 5 huh. Not with the virus, but with people.
  7. I have one I made from a 44 case and a cut off 357 case. I filled in the primer hole of the 44 case with a pellet of lead shot so it would have an even bottom. Because I made it, and I'm famous, I'll sell it for $499. Or trade for two rolls of TP. ONLY SERIOUS OFFERS. 😆😆
  8. very nice-- I caught grayling to 18" in the Little Tok River when I lived in the interior. I wish I had more time to hunt and fish when I was there. I was TAD in Kodiak during the silver, pink, and chum time, and I was able to fish for grayling a few times, and we had a few burbot on set lines in the Tanana river. Shot a lot of spruce grouse and one caribou, and a few predators. Unfortunately it was not a couple years with much free time. I would go back to the interior to visit if I ever have a summer without work before I die, but not to live there.
  9. Here again, not a valid test... the consumer grade "UV Resin" products we use are really cheap crap- they catalyze with energy in a RANGE of frequencies. If the chemistry was so precise that they only reacted with a narrow band of frequencies, they would be too expensive to market..... that's partly why you pay so much for a modern dental filling. So, the polymer in your test probably is slightly reactive to energy on either side of the true UV spectrum... in other words even if your lens blocked 100% of true UV energy, the resin would react to energy outside that freq band to some extent. Good try, too many variables you are not able to control.
  10. Sorry but is not true. Even lenses from Carl Zeiss are not providing 100% uv protection. More than that polycarbonate ages quite fast. Polycarbonate loosees the properties very easy.... The coating layers are affected too.Just make a simple test,take a look wearing your eyeglasses at an uv neon, if you see it then your eyeglasses are not so great. Or use you uv coating torch if you see when is open or closed. I know I'm coming in late to the discussion- the UV sources you mention are transmitting a whole lot more than just actual UV... If you looked at a pure UV source you would not see it. Period. The UV frequencies from neon signs or UV polymer catalyzing lights might be being 100% blocked by the lenses but your retinas are detecting the garbage frequencies in the visible spectrum that are NOT being blocked. Science and sh*t. Ain't it cool?
  11. I really want to learn about shad fishing. I read about Conowingo and have talked to folks who go there, they describe it as sort of shoulder-to-shoulder when the run is happening. I'd rather probably get to the Delaware or the Schuylkill but I haven't devoted the time to learn. I want to catch a few just because I never have- My issue with SE Pa isn't the lack of fishing - it's the crowds
  12. It's the fourth largest city because it stretches from Harrisburg to Newark to DC!!!
  13. I have zero issues legally keeping and eating whatever fish someone wants to eat. I love to eat fish. Steelhead are at the top of my list. I pretty much despise combat fishing the streams, and I only get possibly one week and another weekend in the fall to make a trip. I troll and cast from my kayak, and have caught them from the beach in certain areas. If I get a week in October or November and I am able to safely get out on the Lake for one day, I am thankful. Last year I had zero opportunities. The year before I caught 4 steelhead and a laker, all of them ate very well. The impact I have on the resource is essentially zero. I work very hard to get them so I am thankful when I do. I see guys catch them from the breakwalls and in the streams and horribly mistreat them, then "release" them to almost certain death. Stocked trout- hell yes I eat those too. There has been lots of talk of SE Pa here- and I actually haven't done much stream fishing for trout in a few years - lyme disease makes one paranoid about ticks which are ridiculous in this area. There is a lake not too far which is stocked and in the past has provided a lot of good fishing right up into winter. Nothing better than a stringer full of bluegills and crappies and yellow perch. Yes it takes longer to fillet them than to eat them but I am really good at it. Except in very few instances in this area especially, those being tiny limestone and spring creeks with wild trout, the environments is so far gone from what it naturally would be, that the fisheries are either totally artificial or managed for put-and-take. I don't prefer to eat bass, largemouths I have tried have been tasteless, smallmouths OK from cold northern waters but not here. Everyone worships the smallmouths in the Susquehanna watershed and they are wonderful game fish, but almost nobody acknowledges that they were introduced to the drainage in the 1860s. ON and on.
  14. Hi again from a long time member of the forum... sort of fell out of posting over the last few years. Life happens, as they say. Very soon a lifelong friend is going on a vacation/fishing trip to a small island off a central american country and will have bonefish, permit, and small tarpon outside the front door of his rented hooch. So I tied up a box full of Crazy Charlies and other likely things, which got me thinking that these would make great smallmouth flies as well. I have an affinity for correctly tied Clouser Deep Minnows so it was not much of a jump to adapt that style to my idea. Tying up a few of these in hopes of getting after some fish in a month or so. Thanks Mike Chell for reaching out-
  15. I use some small "size 00" snaps marketed by VMC and other companies for streamers. They work great.
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