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  1. Thanks. No it's at work. I'm an educated cabinetmaker.
  2. First salmon flie fore about a year. Mest of last season was spend hunting perch. But new season coming up, and now back for salmon.
  3. Made a few flashcarousel's. pretty happly with the design and result.
  4. A new idea in the process. A flash tree that can be made in any hight. With leafs that can be placed and moved according to flash length and personal freference.
  5. I actually fish them in freshwater for perch.
  6. Some simple and effective craftfur baitfish.
  7. A flie type invented by ulf sill. Definitely a flie that will get a lot of swimming time this year.
  8. Pritty sure it's a hook guide from pro sports fisher. http://www.fluebinding.nu/gb/product/pro-hookguide-2306/
  9. cnc


    They are tyed on a tube, when the hook is mounted it corks as a keel. Also most of the materials are tied in on the top and on the side of the tube, only the white is tied in on the bottom. There is a video of the swimming action on my instagram side. The name is fluesnedkeren.
  10. cnc


    Some simple 5 minute craftfur baitfish.
  11. Brilliant idea man 👍👌✋👊. Thanks.
  12. The garbage dispenser.
  13. Thanks. Actually I didn't, I like to keep it clean. But with a bulletin board for the materials and an integrated garbage dispenser (sounds much fancier than a hole with a cup in it.) It's actually not that hard. Just a standard kitchen table top.
  14. The tying corner has become rather Nice to. ☺
  15. cnc

    New rod rack

    It is, i tryed to show it on the last picture.
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