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  1. Futurefly 15mm articulated shanks, one has a tmc 784 #6 & the other has a Partridge Salar salmon tube double #9
  2. Just buy that new blue Regal & use your old one as a travel vise! Why be the richest guy in the cemetery!
  3. I sent mine on the 17th so they should be there soon!
  4. I'm done, i'll get em in the post oneday soon!
  5. I sent these to help the Kiribati team from Christmas Island in their world championships attempts in Tasmania in a couple of years! Those salty boys need all the help they can get!
  6. Got mine yesterday! Thanks Dave & everyone that played!
  7. Some nice looking flies here! Try to come back soon & post some good looking stuff I've been doing!
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