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  1. I have recently got hooked on chasing carp with the fly. I have to say they are the toughest fish i have ever tried to fool with a fly. And even a 20 incher is like hooking into a mack truck. Well,this was my 7th common on the fly(1st one on a fly that didn't immitate some kinda of people food) and also the second one i have caught on the fly without chumming. This really bothers me. Cause I've been after this fish for about a week. Atleast i think its the same one. He is 29 inches and 11lbs. I know not a trophy by WV standards needs to be 31" or 15lbs. But like a fool I turned one loose i caught on a bread immitation(spun deer hair) I caught on top that was 32". And I have been wanting to get a big one to mount I think there beautiful. I have also caught 12 buffalo carp and a few red tailed suckers in the last month. Only one was hooked like this and i saw him open his mouth and suck it up(i was just late on the hook set i guess. I just wonder if I should mount it since its not hooked in the lips. If u look closely its dang near and in the mouth area. Bjut it really bothers me that maybe he swam to look at the fly and i set and maybe he didn't eat. whats yalls guys take on this. years, Shane
  2. Reason I ask is cause its not directly in the lips. I think,i may have set to soon or to late. I saw the carp plopped the fly in front bout (3feet) and he came directly towrd my fly. When he was where i thought my fly was i lifted the rod and he was there! Shane http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu266/isoemerger18/carp10lbs5_zpsa0178d1d.jpg
  3. been kinda busy. Hopefullt be posting a little more now! Shane
  4. very nice indeed. I use cdc in about 60% of my dry-spinner-emerger patterns. shane http://www.elkriverflyfish.com/
  5. So, who are the random winners? shane
  6. Same here. In WV we pay round 10 bucks for a trout stamp and aroung 20 bucks for fishing privelages and conservation and national forest stamps. It somes with the sportsmans package for a really fair price. If it helps the trout and creates new opportunities I would be for it 100% my .02 shane
  7. Speaking of Chris, does anyone know how he is doing? I know he spent some time in the hospital over the summer, and wondered how things came out. Blane I can't remember 100% what the whole conversation was. But about 3 months ago I placed an order with CHRIS and he stated something to the effect that he may be going out of business. I remember hanging up the phone and being bummed about what he had told me. shane
  8. The use a helicopter here in WV to stock the more remote sections of gauley river(summersville tailwaters). shane
  9. eyes-lead dumbell painted hook-#6 3xl sabre streamer belly-natural white bucktail and krystal flash back-dark brown over natural bucktail
  10. pheasant matuka muddler-inspired by a member i am in a swap with! hook-sabre#6 3xl streamer body-midge braid rib-silver wire wing-2 matched pheasant church window collar-stacked deer hair head-spun whitetail tie in order as listed
  11. Hook-sabre#6 3xl body-midge braid rib-silver wire wing -two matched pheasant church window feathers collar-stacked deer hair head-spun whitetail this fly was inspire by a members fly i am in a swap with!
  12. My flies are done Eastern! I'll be shipping them when i get back from deer camp next week. What is the address.Can u pm it to me? cheers, shane
  13. yell there on the migratory bird list. you can kill 15 a day in WV shane
  14. Harvested a coot 2-day,cause i remembered seeing a soft hackle that called for coot. What feathers should i keep.I don't wanna borax the whole cape. shane
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