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  1. Welcome Kevin, looking forward to seeing some of your flies.
  2. Great info @cphubert and thanks for the SBS @Rick Allain
  3. Nice. I don't know why but I think I actually have some green deer here also. That'll be the first one I try tying.
  4. Nice flies all around, good to see the interest in this thread. That looks good. I really should try to tie some of these up, I have so much deer hair, but they look time consuming. Can you tell me, is the only difference between the Bomber and the Carter bug the tail material and the wing? I have no idea which is the older pattern, but I can see myself sitting down to tie a Bomber and (being the lazy tier that I sometimes am) just using deer hair for the tail and leaving off the wing. I like all those S&M bobbin holders you got there, I have a few and really like them. Do you just change the stem/tube when switching threads? I'm not quite getting the purpose of the no stems.
  5. Your post serves as a reminder to me why I'm glad to be a small part of such a great forum. Thanks to the mods, the swamp-Meisters, and all those who contribute, big and small.
  6. Nice. Clean. I've been tying up a few different hopper patterns for next year, have not done this one yet, but will give it a go with a few different body colors. Looks simple compared to Gartside's pheasant hopper or Dave's hopper
  7. Looks great but no boiled peanuts? What the heck? As for your mater sandwiches, I agree with you and Guy Clark, but don't forget cucumber sandwiches, on white bread with mayo and Lawry's seasoning. This is the best I can do right now: Thanksgiving's New England clam chowder, ready to come together. I make it twice a year: Thanksgiving, and its my daughter's annual birthday request.
  8. A vise that reflects the 'less is more' style of fly tying. I would love to get my hands on one of those. Simplicity and style refined. Surely, it wouldn't make me a better tyer, but my flies would somehow look better in those jaws. Thanks for the pic, and welcome to the forum.
  9. Nice work, thanks for the pics. Love those little pars.
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