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  1. 👍You sure got that technique down now.
  2. Just didn't have the patience for it last night.
  3. That's really nice, that teal shoulder really makes it.
  4. Thanks Gadabout. Norm has a nice one tied on his site, I loosely copied his. Might as well stay with streamers, surprised this one was not on the list, unless I missed it. Next Challenge: Grizzly King, any variation.
  5. Emerald Shiner, Thunder Creek Style Hook: #6 Thread: White, 6/0 Body: FTD Northern Flash, straight olive green, wrapped along shank, covered with pearl tinsel, and coated with SHHAN Over wing: Brown bucktail dyed olive over white bucktail dyed olive Under wing: White bucktail Flash: Fl. yellow, 2 strands/side Gills: White thread, red marker. Head coated with SHHAN x 2 No eyes, I'm too lazy. Maybe later.
  6. I've used all of the above with no complaints, as well as Wholesale Fly Company.
  7. That's a challenge. So much synthetic hair out there. Hopefully someone will chime in.
  8. And a lot neater than me. I put those small hanks of DMC floss in a tiny zip lock bag, about 2" square, pull out a length of one strand that I need to tie with, and leave the mess in the baggie. When I need another strand, I pick a loose end and push that mess further into the baggie. I don't like to look at that bunched up bird nest, reminds me of bad day of fishing, LoL.
  9. No doubt about that. I've been wondering why the hell I've been keeping all those small scraps of foam. Now I know.
  10. Indeed. That's a big first bite! Looks great if you ask me. I'd keep it on my desk until you have tied the pattern to where you want it, then let the bass have at it!
  11. I went from tying my own with the old Orvis kit, to extruded leaders, and was about to go back to those over-complicated leader formulas until I came across Borger's system. Highly recommend it.
  12. I'll take that, Keith Fulsher style. Been on a bit of a streamer kick lately anyway
  13. I think it's perfect, but more of a slider than a bugger, no?
  14. Very nice. Why do you have a JC cape framed?
  15. I keep coming back to look at this, I like it. I like that square bead. I think it would make a good stonefly pattern. I actually think you should claim it as your own pattern and name it LisaLou's Blockhead Stoner.
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