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  1. Looks like a good day on the water.
  2. @terp I was just being a smart-ass with my comment. Those vises are a bit above my pay grade. My next one will most likely be a Peak Rotary.
  3. Good news for you, Moshup. Mine met a few times in the late Winter/early Spring. Unfortunately I missed the Spring BBQ before we broke for the summer. We start up again next week, full body armor required.
  4. What would you want for that faulty heap of scrap metal?
  5. Not really sure what you mean. I made a comment on your posted flies that went unanswered. Nearly all the flies posted here include a recipe, and I think nearly all who post flies here, regularly or sporadically, are more than willing to answer questions about any technique used, if asked. Nearly never is a negative comment made on a tyers posts to make them feel unwelcome. Is it the lack of commenting that you're referring to?
  6. Busy time of the year, me thinks.
  7. Thanks, yes, they are a bit unruly, thought it does have very nice shades of color and beautiful markings.
  8. Thanks Moshup. You are correct, it's a ringneck breast feather, the smaller ones are higher up, closer to the neck.
  9. Nice looking vise. I came across a few references to it on the internet, seems like it was made by Thompson for Orvis, that's about all I could find.
  10. Red Clock #12 Hook: #12, difficult to fit a smaller hook to the prescribed hackle Thread: Orange silk Thorax: Peacock Hackle: Cock pheasant breast feather Head: Peacock herl.
  11. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  12. Flies hit the PO today. ETA 9/18, will PM tracking #. .
  13. Agree with @utyer, the height of your tying surface is only going to be limited by the height an adjustable stool/chair, which will let you fine tune everything to your comfort.
  14. Cool looking flies, must have a ton of movement in the water.
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