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  1. Thais my procedure, never had a problem with skins I've harvested, either through hunting or roadkill.
  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your stuff, flyguy638, but, holy crap, those flies are some nice work! And the photos look good from here.
  3. LOL, me too, cheap as a hobo begging for money. I wouldn't retire it either, nearly all my reels are at least 40 years old. I love the old Pflueger's especially.
  4. Henryville Specials hit the PO this morning, ETA is 3/30. Tracking # sent by PM. I forgot to snap a quick pic before sending them off. Thanks for hosting these quick rounds BB, I enjoyed the 2 I participated in. Will probably lay off any more swaps as the season approaches.
  5. Like Poopdeck & Mike, I've never taken a 'fishing' vacation. However, as my vacations consist of either camping or visiting the shore, I always managed to fish while there. I could care less what I'm catching, I don't have a 'bucket list', and I don't turn my nose up at catching anything. Actually, I'm pretty happy even if I don't catch anything. Sometimes all I need is to whip that fly back and forth across the water, and I'm good.
  6. Good alternative, and what I have done in the past. It was a cheap old Taico (Pflueger knock off from Japan). It's a pretty basic reel, but it's what my Dad bought when I first learned to fly fish.
  7. Nice ties all around, but I really like those PT nymphs with the peacock green thorax.
  8. LOL, no I don't believe I've even seen one of those either. We were pretty poor going up, but my Dad was a devoted do-it-yourselfer, so our car A/C looked more like this:
  9. I had 8 tracks, but never knew these things existed. That's some old school cool.
  10. Wowza is right, looks like museum a piece.
  11. Oh yeah, Mad Duck, I agree. I enjoy tying some flies as much as learning about their history, how they've changed over the years, and how they can differ from one region to another. But, they'll get tied to the end of my line even when they aren't 'perfect'.
  12. Very nice, primefly. What material are you using for the legs?
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