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  1. Nice photo, Pbass. I did not get photo, but was able to see it a few week-ends ago camping in Maine.
  2. Wow, Caloosa bug, you are right. You sure do have some tiny arms!
  3. Really nice, Bryon. Not sure I would be able to take it to the river. Too nice, me thinks.
  4. @Justin H - yeah, I threw it on as a lark, was kinda surprised when I got a hit.
  5. One of the few browns and small brookies from this past, slow Saturday morning, caught with a yellow nymph that has been in my box from who knows how long, before I began tying.
  6. Very impressive, right down to the colored gut eye!
  7. For the cat owners out there:
  8. Wow, cool as heck. Thanks for putting an end to that 4 year old mystery, Mr McPhail. I'm not one to watch videos much, but yours are certainly the first I turn to when I do. Thanks for all the great instructions and beatiful flies over the years
  9. I use nail polish to seal heads, usually Hard as Nails or a cheap colored polish I snagged from my daughters' collection if I want to a different head color. Super glue I typically use only between steps to keep material in place on the finished fly.
  10. Great. I like posts like this, be sure to follow up with a report and photos if you can.
  11. niveker

    My new shop

    Happy Birthday, Mike. Looking forward to seeing the progress on both the dust collector and the workshop..
  12. As always, very nice ties all around. especially those wet caddis pupa @Old Hat, great looking hooks also.
  13. I find it's easier to get the thread to flatten if I run a tool with a square edge along it's length, as opposed to something round, like a bodkin. The edge on my tweezers are perfect. .
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