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  1. @flytire, I'm not really sure either, that's just how I understood it when my son tried to explain it to me. I know it happens sometimes on my Android phone, usually when the LTE signal is present, so I just use the long press to open in a new tab when it does. Its not really an issue for me.
  2. @denduke Aye, this is the time of year up here when they start to look for a winter home. My cats usually take care of them soon enough when that happens, though.
  3. Yes, this works on Android phones also. I think that the navigation problems have little to do with a phones OS, but more likely the culprit is the mobile network type (TLE, 4G, 5G) to which the phone is connected at the moment. See @knotjoe's first screen shot in the top left where his ATT network is LTE technology, a precursor to 4G. The older LTE technology cannot handle the same capacity of the newer mobile network technologies (even if the phone's OS can), and hence, some operational abilities are reduce. At least, that is what I notice on my Android phone, and that is what I understand when my son tries to explain it to me. When connected to an LTE network, I need to do what @knotjoe describes. When connected to a non-LTE network, everything works properly. This is my experience, anyway.
  4. @vicrider - thanks for posting the pics. Looks like a great swap!
  5. @atxdiscgolfer Mine should be done by Wednesday if not before, please PM the address. Thanks for hosting.
  6. Caught this Eastern Racer sneaking into the shed this afternoon, at least 3.5 feet long. That's a big'un here in New England.
  7. @LasVegasBill Thanks Bill. Close to the bottom, dead drifting for the most part. Never noted the similarity to the teeny nymph until your comment. Hmm, now you got me thinking.
  8. @MontanaTrouter Clean and dry definitely, if they have not been already. For me, I would then stick them in a zip-lock with enough borax to cover some, but not so much that they can't move around, turn the bag every few days for a week or two. That's what I do when I get loose feathers. May be overkill, but better safe than sorry.
  9. @TSMcDougald, nice Butchers. Your comment started me on a search and then attempt at Bergman's Butcher: Hook: #8, 2XL Thread: White for body Body: Red Floss Rib: Yellow floss Tail: Red duck quill Thread: Black for head Hackle: Badger saddle hackle, dyed yellow (I think the original calls for a stiff silver badger, of which I have none. Lesson learned: embroidery floss is a poor substitute when needing a smooth body.
  10. @Mogup Great looking fly, love that shaggy body.
  11. Grizzly King Hook: #8 Thread: Black Tag/Rib: Oval silver tinsel Tail: Red duck quill Body: Green floss Throat: Grizzly hen hackle fibers Wing: Gray squirrel tail
  12. March Brown, tail and wing a bit too long Hook: #14, 3xl Thread: black, because I running low on brown Tag, Rib: Gold wire Tail: Hen pheasant Body: Hare's mask Wing: Hen pheasant, wing
  13. Agree. Some homemade recipes call for a mix of white gas and paraffin, some will mix the Abolene with white gas also. I like to enjoy a smoke on the river, so besides seeming more trouble than its worth, the white gas and the paraffin was a no go for me. I find if you keep it warm next to your body, and smudge a bit in the palm of your hand, it melts enough to coat the fly.
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