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  1. That is why I was looking at them, I've been using the orvis tactical hooks lately and jig hooks but at $9 for 25 this seems like a better way to go.
  2. Has anyone tied and fished with Firehole Sticks? What was your impression?
  3. I had the BOA lock in my boot tear out of the tongue a few months ago after about 5 years and sent the waders in for the free inspection as well, I only paid the shipping cost to get the products to Montana and about 2 weeks later I had a brand new pair of boots and repaired waders. I tried 4 pairs of less than $100 waders before I got sick of buying a new pair every year. I bought the cheapest Simms waders that were actually made with gortex and they have been great. 5 years no issue and free repair can't beat that cost vs useful lifetime they provide.
  4. I havne't kept a pike in years, but my grandpa taught me how to get the Y-bone out and they are delicious. I had to let this one go they have a minimum of 40" on this lake.
  5. Pretty old swap but I figured I would should you all what I caught yesterday on a clouser that MuskyFlyGuy (I think) tied for the swap.
  6. Mine are the two without tags the hippie stomper and rainbow warrior
  7. anyone ever tie som copper john flies jig style? Did you or would you put the shell back on the hook side of the shank so it rides up or just put it on the normal side of the hook?
  8. Flies will be on their way Tuesday morning!
  9. All flies are in! They look great i will sort them out and send them out Monday morning. thanks to everyone for beign a part of the swap.
  10. yea, just packing alone i've already tossed alot of stuff. Having 3 kids after we moved in easily tripled the belongings.
  11. All but the last 2 sets have arrived. They should be here in the next day or two. Good time also considering i will be moving in less than a month.
  12. Sounds good, I'm waiting on a few more sets then they will be in the mail. Thanks everyone for being a part of he swap.
  13. Waiting on the last 4 sets then I will turn them around and hope everyone enjoyed the swap.
  14. they came in today. Look great. Can't wait for hopper season
  15. Not yet I will let know when I see them.
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