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  1. Much better job on the body proportions.
  2. My comment would be to make your body thinner with a taper from back to front.
  3. Looks like a bad piece. A lot of broken and damaged tips and it appears to be dry and brittle. Probably damaged when it was bleached. This is how it should look.
  4. Look for the "on/off" type base, as they generate a far greater amount of holding power. The cheap bases are sort of "tippy" but the other type I mentioned will hold far better.
  5. With flexible, tie too tight and you loose your ID. Tie too loose and your thread wraps come undone. That's why you need a rigid tube, so your thread wraps can be tied as tightly as you would on a hook.
  6. It's true about having to zap it multiple times, as I have had to do so. CAUTION: when zapping, remove the brush and allow the resin to cool a bit before replacing. The brush "ferrule" will melt and blow out the bristles which will render the brush useless.
  7. Description Badger Creek Real Seal Fur Dubbing Fur Assortment is real seals fur dubbing natural and dyed packed into a box. 12 great colors ideal for salmon flies, wet flies and steelhead flies. A must have for salmon fly tyers. This is antique stock and when sold out we likely won’t be able to replace it. Please note: colors may vary from colors shown.
  8. I don't see the 16/20 (Pitzen/Eugene) knot listed. Maybe goes by yet another name in the chart? That said, I use the Double Davy most of the time, with the 16/20 on occasion with tippet 4x thru 7x, landed many +20" brown trout and have no significant break-off problems. I think that the rod has a tremendous influence on broken off fish when the tip does not flex to meet the weight of the tippet. For tight line nymphing I have been fishing a T&T Contact II for a number of years now and find it far superior to a half dozen other rods I have fished with its ultra flexible tip and strong backbone.
  9. What Poopdeck said. Come on really, how many tippet rings do you really go through in the course of a season? Buy the good rounded off ones like Partridge .
  10. Be patient, a WAWA will be coming to your locale at some point in the future.
  11. https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Lure-Making/Shop-By-Product-Category/Bodies-Beads-Rig-Floats/Beads/Plastic-Beads?page=1
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