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  1. If you are looking for small midge hooks, Gamakatsu has a large eye hook. https://www.gamakatsu.com/product/c12-bm-barbless-midge-large-eye/
  2. I use the stop knot and 6x or 7x for the shot dropper if I am using 4x or 5x tippet for my nymphs. If the shot hangs then the lighter tippet will break and the knot keeps the shot from sliding off.
  3. All those gimmicks to keep the bottle handy and in sight are so boring. It is much more fun to put it in a pocket that you can't remember and on cool days have it come out all gelled and stuck in the bottom of the bottle. Or, on a hot day find that you didn't put the cap on tight enough and leaking out in your vest pocket. The upside of the leaking in the pocket is that you can readily see which pocket it was hidden in by the stain.
  4. " They are there for whoever can appreciate the beauty of such things." Great video Silver, thank you for posting it.
  5. Do yourself a favor and keep the wings left/right separated when bagging. The body feathers I would leave on the skin and treat with borax, you can find the procedure by a search on this forum. Now you being from WI, I would think that you have good access to some deer hair. With the turkey wing feathers, squirrel tail and deer hair you can make one good bunch of Muddler Minnows.
  6. Look at these two, pretty interesting idea. https://www.slideinn.com/product/swinger-stacker/ https://loonoutdoors.com/products/zippy-hair-stacker
  7. Hot melt tip adhesive for me. Still have a couple sticks of it from 40+ years ago. Even keep a piece and a lighter with me while fishing for those just in case times...
  8. Make sure you save the feet, makes for some good dry fly tying.
  9. This was my favorite. This is now my favorite for tight line nymphing.
  10. FIN-ITE 34

    Pike Leaders

    This is Beadalon, same stuff as your picture after a few 30-40 inch pike.
  11. FIN-ITE 34

    Pike Leaders

    Beadalon works ok, I use it but it will get a pigtail kink after a couple of fish. As far as the mono part of the leader this is closer to what I do in this video. https://youtu.be/7DOy7ZjSDgY Instead of using the butt section I use a straight length of 30 lb. fluorocarbon and the loops as in the video. And like Niklaus states, keep the leader SHORT. pike are not line shy and there is no reason to use a long leader which in practical use is counter-productive as stated in the video. In this video you will see how to make a wire trace with the plastic coated wire. I use this method and have never had a wire trace fail on pike over 40". You can easily put a Stay-Lok or Crosslock snap on the wire trace to quickly change flies. I like to tie my pike flies on tubes and a couple hook rigs as in this video. You can use single hooks if you don't want to add the stinger. If you want to use the Titanium then make the big loop for connecting to the fly line and you can tie or snap the fly to the other. https://youtu.be/9sXXm3PNgQo Yes, the video is not in English but I'm sure you can follow along.
  12. Jake, are you talking about tube fly with a single trailer hook, or a fly tied on hook shank with a loop off the shank for a second hook? If it is the first I see no reason you can't fish your tubes and just change up the hook style. You can adjust the distance of your hook point from the end of the tube either by length of junction tubing or length of loop knot.
  13. Is that a 3D printed fly reel?
  14. I can't repeat this enough times, Nicklaus Bauer has some of the finest videos for tying pike flies and hook rigs for those flies. Daniel D. Holm is a close second with his lessons in pike fly tying and materials used.
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