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  1. those look very nice, I dyed some feathers & deerhair with Kool-Aid )dont laugh it works)anyway I used some blue-berry lemonade and it came out that color
  2. EVA Foam turned with Dremel, painted with Copic Airbrush coated with Loons Hard Head, tied on Gamakatsu B10S
  3. last year I fished Rainy Lake for pike in June, I caught most of mine on big (2/0 gamakatsu 10 BS stinger hook) poppers and Dahlberg divers, good luck, they are so much fun to catch.
  4. I started using a Stonfo a couple weeks ago, I tie mostly deer hair poppers so I need a heavy duty bobbin that I can really cinch down some 200d GSP thread with & the Stonfo does it, looks a lot like a Rite, but I am not familiar with Rite so I may be wrong, but the Stonfo is about the same price & I can highly recommend using it with GSP and deer hair
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