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  1. I will let you know but my ticket has been expired for a long time. Would have to take tests again. Not sure i could pass them again.
  2. I let my license lapse, there was no one on locally and i was not operating hf. Thought about doing it again but not sure.
  3. Had to clarify, may look for one eventually.
  4. No its not that Its the twisted one below.
  5. Almost choked on my beer reading that one. This is why i love this forum!
  6. I have plenty of bobbins, It was just one i had tried but never bought one Its not plastic know its not loon Must have been the umpqua/tiemco one It was twisted offset in a way. i really like the old chase bobbins, loaned my two away and you guess the rest. i have 2 rites, 2 griffin, renzetti and 5 norvise bobbins. Probably a half dozen generic too. Kind of a hoarder.
  7. Not sure if it was umpqua or metz? Always wanted one but can’t recall who made it. Does anyone have one or recall them?
  8. I am a tech for a local large telecom, i have seen the mess that storms create, and delays from each company pushing back against another only creates more delays. Its no fun being held hostage, never mind the expense. I usually tell people clear the trees out now. Its only going to cost you 10x more after a storm. Glad to hear you are back in modern times. Stay safe.
  9. Congrats on the birthday and the new shop.
  10. You can use wool like deer hair too, build up heads by stacking, Trim to shape then coat with silicone sealant. Bob P has a chapter devoted to this in “Pop Flies”. I was on a tying kick a while back. Made a bunch of them.
  11. I cleared this thru an electrician, no its not code but its safe. Actually its overkill. I am a telephone technician, i work around and with electricity constantly. I would not do anything unsafe. And trust me ive seen a lot of unsafe things.
  12. Mike what do you teach at the Voc? My daughter is going to one up here in Mass and loves it.
  13. I like fishing for pumpkin seed, with my ultralight spinning rod. I know a pond on the maine/nh border where they get huge. They fight like a freight train, thick and heavy. Tons of fun on light fly tackle. Nice fish!
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