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  1. The guy is me, my daughters retired jumper horse. He is very playful, No more jumping but he is family.
  2. My nor-vise is due a good cleaning. Other than the bearings mine gets a wipe down with mineral spirits and a thin coat of 3-1 oil.
  3. Never tried it but the strength difference is minimal between the two to make one worth near 2$ difference.
  4. Very impressive, nice catch of bluegills.
  5. I have heard that the knock on the cae vise was its fit and finish. If Davie Mcphail is involved with the new version then you know that it is being held to a higher standard and should be closer to the Law than the cae is. Nothing is going to be exactly like a law because of how precise Mr Waldron was with his machining. Would love to hear a full review after a year of use. yes its a lot of money for a vise but to each their own.
  6. Love magnet and motor wire for flies, electric motor repair shop by me sells enameled wire and bare. Craigslist often has it too. Have to keep your eyes open.
  7. They make 3 and 4 of my collection. Jack was a great tyer and teacher too.
  8. I need to do that, but it would mean i need to get organized. I dont see that happening. Looks great though.
  9. I am very happy and one is signed!!!! Lots of great stuff in here.
  10. My daughters retired horse has been quite helpful these days. He thought i was cold and decided to zip up my vest.
  11. Ty for showing me alternative sources, That pdf will go far in helping me out. no need spending big money for a book when there are free resources.
  12. I am late to the game and its out of print, Anyone know where i can get a copy without using my kids college fund? going to try my hand at trout fishing. thanks in advance.
  13. Can you tie with grizzly hair or are they protected? The finished product puts into perspective how massive they really are.
  14. This was the peak i was referring to.
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