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  1. That epoxy smelt would be great trolled for landlock salmon and togue up in Maine
  2. Mark what is the finish on that glass minnow head. Really nice
  3. Nice reel. Probably better than anything i have. I am very lotech.
  4. Watching this as i need all the help i can get with dubbing loops. Wrist surgery is put off indefinitely due to covid19. My dexterity makes dubbing loops a challenge
  5. I need a reel to fit a 9wt rod, But throw an offer out. Its just sitting here.
  6. Nice score, Those look better quality than craft store stoppers as well. Half of mine needed filling before being shaped. Very nice indeed.
  7. I use walmart worm hooks for poppers and deer hair buggers. Small stuff can be done on bait hooks. I have a ton of mustad hooks for salt that i bought years ago.
  8. I probably should have posted these here, waiting to get out and throw them at some hungry fish.
  9. Been on a popper kick, Its nice being behind the vise again.
  10. Ty for all the info, reel got sold out from under me, But its good info to now know.
  11. Bought this and its been tucked in my desk ever since. Never bought setup to put it on. 10w cortland 444 15 clear tip. Rocket taper intermediate line. Price on it was 49$. Swap for? Reel, hooks, make me an offer.
  12. Says it on the web. On the sa website it says 2013.
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