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  1. Welcome to the forums, Brian! Judging by the pictures of the flies that you provided, I would say that you are off to an amazing start. One recommendation of mine (on picture number 5) would be to cover up the stray fibers in front of the hook eye with thread. You can make nice clean wraps that push back the material (about maybe two wraps) then wrap backwards a wrap or two to cover up the rebellious stray fibers that try to cover up the eyelet. Also, sometimes less wraps = more. To keep the collars of your flies from becoming too long, you may want to use less wraps (as long as it doesn't affect the durability). My two comments are only aestetic suggestions. Your flies look like you have been tying a LOT longer than just a month. I would say that you are definately on the right track, keep the good flies coming. StF
  2. Glad to hear that your flies got there. I still don't have confirmation from Flies & Photos, Elmerfuddwnc, and Polarbear78. I'm sure they received them, but forgot to post.
  3. Anyone else receive their flies yet? Please post here once you do.
  4. Hello everyone, I had a surprise Memorial Day vacation sprung on me so I wasn't able to get the flies mailed on Tuesday. I got them a mailed a few days later, and I see that some sets have started to show up. Instead of sending everyone's fifteenth fly back (or keeping them), I decided to mix'em up and send everyone a single extra from a different swapper. I hope that everyone is okay with that. Please post here once you have received your flies, so I can update the first page. Thanks, StF
  5. Same here.......... It's Bass season here in Chicagoland. Sure would be nice to have these flies! -Forrest Yeah, I've given up hope for receiving aroostookbasser's flies. I'm going to get these mailed on Tuesday the 29th. I apologize for how long this swap has gone over its due date. ~StF
  6. I haven't gotten a reply from Aroostookbasser yet, I'm not sure if his flies got lost in the mail or if he sent them. What do you say guys, should I send everything out when I receive the rest of Elmerfuddwnc's flies? PM's sent. StF
  7. Awesome, Dave! What lakes do you fish them in, what is the water clarity there, and what is the biggest bass one you've caught on them? I hope you like questions. The lakes are further for me than Galveston Bay. But there are sweet bayous in my neighborhood that are brackish. I mostly catch bass in there, nothing big yet. But I do see migrations of shrimp and shad up and down the bayou in different times of the year. My most exciting moment was jumping a tarpon in those same waters a few years ago. I looked to be about a 40 pounder. Love the questions. How's the fishing in Packer Nation? My parents grew up in Appleton, so I have some familiarity with the Fox river area. Hey Dave, Wisconsin fishing is just warming up here. For Wisconsin, the farther north you go, the better the lakes get. Most of the southern lakes (in WI) are very weedy and are inaccessible from the shore. I like to go up by the Wausau area and just pick out a lake to go and check out. Some of the northern lakes have lost alot of water, and a few I know of have dried up so bad that the fish froze out over the winter. I'm over by the Chippewa area, west of Appleton. One of the best lakes in Chippewa is Lake Wissota. It has a great variety; Walleyes, Pike, Muskie, Smallies, and Largemouth. I'm definately looking forward to fishing with all these new bass patterns from the swap! I'll get pictures for everyone once I catch some largies, too. Go Packs, go!
  8. "Worms done and tagged ......out in AM on Monday. Should be a cool swap!!!" I'm still waiting for Aroostookbasser's flies. I also sent him a PM.
  9. I got some big Texan flies in the mail from (Flies and Photos, mybadhabit) today!
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