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  1. Great link Fishigan! And I thought all thread was created equal!
  2. Thanks for help guys! This is the best board! I'm going to try some 6/0 and 8/0 and see how my flys turn out.
  3. I have been tying for a while but have always wondered if there is a specific thread size for a hook size. For instance if I am tying a #18 should I be using a certain thread size like 10/0? I have been using 14/0 lately for a lot of my ties but just wondered if there is a guideline that I should be following. Thx!
  4. I have a renzetti c-clamp that yI use for tying, but I want a pedestal base as well for all of the situations mentioned above, I don't want to pay outrageous prices though. Any good ideas on where to get a good base at a decent price.
  5. It seems like $3.19 is the average in Colorado.
  6. Just made one up last night. I search the web for "furled leaders" and found 5-6 sites that show you how to make them (including the links in the above messages). I put together a jig in about 20 minutes and found some 4 lb test mono laying around the garage. In about 15 minutes I made my first furled leader. I was very impressed with how it turned out. I'm off to the store tonight to buy some 6/0 tying thread to try it with. Very simple process and WOW did the leader lay nice.
  7. I'm with everyone else, I don't think the color matters. I have one white line and one fl green and personally I like the colored lines better. Sometimes I will fish really clear streams without a strike indicator and so I'll watch my fly line (at the leader connection), so colored line is easier to see. I have noticed that the presentation of the fly is what spooks the fish. When I'm sight fishing, if I make a bad cast the fish is gone.
  8. Thanks everyone....I'm going to be changing my setup after the Holidays.
  9. Anyone have the new Cabelas Lightweight Wading Boot? I've been looking at those for a while now. I have a pair of Cabelas that I've had for 3 years now, and they are still just like new, but they are very heavy.
  10. Just wondered how people like the leader loops that you can use to connect your leader to the fly line. I have been tying the leader directly to the flyline but am looking to use these leader loops for ease of use. Are there any problems if the leader turning over or any other issues with these?
  11. I use a bic pen tube as well. I cut mine down to about 2 1/2 or 3 inches. I am going to try the dowel idea though I like that.
  12. I've looked around on here a little bit and have found some great tying stations but where do you guys store all of your materials when you aren't tying. I don't have room to leave all of my stuff out, so when I'm done tying for the day I have to pack eveything up and put it away. Right now I am using on old tackle box with several plastic containers but I have to take a lot of the stuff out of the original packaging in order to store it. I need some good ideas!
  13. I have been using a renzetti traveler for a couple of years now. It works great! It was upgraded from a cheap one that came with a fly tying kit. It is hard to go back and tie on the one old.
  14. Just found this forum and have been looking around. Thought I better sign up and get going. A fellow flyfisher from Colorado
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