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  1. I don't waterproof my flies because I believe that when they are in "emerger mode" they draw strikes. I fish a ton of caddis and stimulators and fishing them "wet" seems to work when dry isn't. Dabbing them on my shirt to dry them off serves two purposes, it dries them (duh!) and cools me off...
  2. Wind is easier to deal with in a floattube, regardless of the weight. There is less surface area than a regualr boat or canoe. Sure it takes some work, but it's a labor of love... Buy a float tube handled net (a net with a long handle). Many times the large fish will be tough to land even though you are close to their level. Becareful you don't fall asleep in and miss the fishing, no one mentioned how comfortable they are. Interesting comment on taking a leak...I still will not roll down my waders unless on shore; nor will my wife...I asked her after reading this.
  3. http://www.fishwithafly.net/prince.htm (I can not insert the link?) Hands down, tied this way...dead drift with and indicator (yeah I know some call it a bobber) or down and across.
  4. The guy who taught me shot himself shortly afterwards. No joke, this is a morbid post but he did tell me never to tie commercially. Forget about the fact the guy had issues, he was an awesome tier and teacher. To this day I refuse to tie commercially but teach classes instead. I get $40 an hour for up to 8 people. Not tying commercially lets me fish and gives the fly that works to the fisherperson on the river that is not catching, while my wife and I are. Spread the love! Thanks to all of you who do tie commercially, I am not a big fan of spinning hair... This is Mark Bauman's tribute (the man who taught me): The man who taught me
  5. I use antron body wool. It allows me to vary the color for different light conditions. White is tough to see during dusk, so I use black antron. Also, try flourescent orange...
  6. So, when I learned to tie I worked for a a shop in Whitefish, MT. I was taught with saddles. We got them cheap as employees (cheaper, anyway). I have $60 and $90 Whiting and Hoffmans. I still don't like Metz--bought some e-bay. I never ever used a neck. Now that I tie and fish flies in the #10-12 range (stimulators, green drakes, blue winged olives, ausable wulfs and the haystack series), the saddles I have are full of way-too-small hackles...16-20...and I need to re-stock. What would you all suggest? I no longer work for the shop and live in the Adirondacks of NY--if that helps. There are few shops here. I am tempted to buy 100 packs.
  7. For feathers, I just pluck them and make sure there is no flesh on the quills. I have feathers three years + and they are fine. I had a buddy do some deer hides and he swears by fleshing and then handwashing in very mild detergent. His hair was the best because it maintained its natural oils.
  8. QUOTE (daryn smith @ Jan 6 2005, 08:28 PM) How did you tie in the duster hair? I usually double it back on its self. I do not double back because the head gets too big. So I tie in the first layer then make two wraps around just the material (see the black thread over the yellow in close-up view), I cut the next (red/orange) at an angle and tie it in then wrap two wraps around just the 2nd layer and then two wraps around both layers, and repeat this process for the last layer. I can't pull out any material when done. Thanks for the thread tip, that was a size 8 mustad streamer, so I figured that the danville's would make a nice head... I do use uni-thread, but have only been using 8/0 on my dry-flies... This site is teaching me so much... Any tips for giving a new life to what seems to be dried out brittle thread?
  9. Nice fish, they remind me of fishing on Duck Lake in Browning, Montana... http://groups.msn.com/FlyFishingWorldWide/...hoto&PhotoID=10 http://groups.msn.com/FlyFishingWorldWide/...hoto&PhotoID=13 http://groups.msn.com/FlyFishingWorldWide/...hoto&PhotoID=14 All fish were caught on a 4wt rod... they range from 5lbs to 7 (johnny bill's ws a 7lb) Where are you fishing for these trout you caught? Here's the rest of the pics: http://groups.msn.com/FlyFishingWorldWide/favoritecasts.msnw There are more here: http://www.fishwithafly.net/pictures.htm
  10. Yes to ice fishing section! I need some original ice patterns for my jig box. Also I have been looking for an ultra light tube. I own one at 6lbs but with the rest of my camping gear, flippers and pump, it still weighs too much...
  11. Thanks for the replies! Is it difficult to tie around the pin? I feel great about my regular trout flies but have not gained confindence in my streamers. I attached a mickey finn pic that I tied this weekend. I woudl appreciate a very critical response and some tips. I used synthetic duster material (cut it from a duster) and danville's monocord. What thread is easiest to whip finish (I use a tool but can do it by hand) to get a nice head and cut back on the number of wraps...
  12. I read about a place to purchase pins for decorative flies. Can anyone help? I want to tie them for my groomsmen...
  13. My future wife and I are getting married in Montana on July 16th. We need some fishing destinations for our trip out and return home to northeastern NY. We have the MT waters picked out... We already plan to fish the Ausables in MI and WI. Suggestions? Thanks!
  14. QUOTE (daryn smith @ Dec 21 2004, 10:04 AM) When I tie for someone else, and I do, thats a whole different story.I will make sure that these flies will stand the test of time, the best I can.It doesnt seem to matter though some people complain anyway.Go figure I am currently a rainbow/brown/brookie fisherman, the flies I tie are simple classic dries and nymphs, so all my flies are "bomb proof". As a result, after tying so many, there is no need to distinguish but... I do distinguish when they are in my box. I have a hard time re-using a fly--even when it is the last of the pattern that is hot at that time. But I tend to get bored being successful with the same fly (the fish I catch are usually 8-12 inches) so I like to mix it up.
  15. My favorite reads so far are: The River Why by David James Duncan The Compleat Angler by Isaac Walton Both are deep and have extended my time "on the throne". Yours?
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