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  1. Nice job! Feels good to catch fish on flies you tied... It is kind of addicting isn't it! The clouser is a great pattern. Tie them bigger or smaller, use natural or synthetic materials they catch fish!!!
  2. Borax or salt will work... You can even mix them... Just get off all the flesh you can. Then press the end firmly into borax or salt. I would use borax an just dust the wings well. Hang up for a day then clean off the red an wet stuff. Press end into borax/salt again check again in a day or two repeat if needed. Don't forget to bag them with Moth ice ect. for a few days before letting them come in contact with your tying materials Or better yet pluck the feathers you want an let them dry for a week. I would give the guy some flies made with pheasant an explain to him what feathers you used then he will know what you would like. Such as the tail clump ect. I get bucktails an hide pieces every year for giving a few jigs or bass bugs. Even if the person does not fish a little something made from their animal makes them remember you the next year! As for what to tie? See what works. Experiment some, who knows what you may come up with... Practice never hurts an they can always be used for sunfish.
  3. I bought a couple different boxes at an electronics store. This one is a stand out. It is 3 x 2-3/16 x 13/16 with 8 compartments with lids like a pill box. You know with a rim around each lid to keep even very small stuff in. Well made also. Eclipse Proskit 902-113. I think I paid $2.50 each. Looked online to get more an found a great deal on them. 10 for $14.95 shipped! Here is where I found them. http://www.starkelectronic.com/ecl902.htm Scroll down page about half way Also check out the Container Store.com or they have stores around the country. They have some great stuff for fly tying /fishing storage or anything else you want to store. Gary
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