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  1. I have seen those gloves and thought about trying something like this too. Great SBS. Thank you for taking the time.
  2. I love this idea I am also going to copy it. Thanks
  3. Nice ties I like the leach a lot
  4. Has anyone seen this documentary. I watched it and thought it quite good. Just wonder what other think about it.
  5. I will find out what species he wants to fish for that should help narrow it down. I will report back when I know more.
  6. Hey guys it's been a while. My boss is going on a trip to Canada and was asking me where he should go. I have never been and I know some of you have. He is looking for a guided trip. I also want to tie him up some fly's to take and that will depend on where he is going. Any ideas on both? Where he should go and what I should tie for him? Thanks, Bryan
  7. I looked up that patter and it looks like a killer I am eagerly awaiting you SBS too.
  8. I have seen two hackles used to in opposite directions on purpose before too. One point back to the hook bend and one point forward to the eye. I believe this is done to help the fly stay more upright.
  9. I love your ideas Stippled and PerchJerker I might have to try to make one of these for my dad for Christmas.
  10. A bit blurry but looks good from what I could see. Try taking a picture with your camera a little further away. It will allow it to focus better.
  11. You could try this http://www.dickblick.com/products/copic-various-ink-refills/ those are refills for COPIC markers which I know some people here use as an airbrush (there is an air bush kit for COPIC markers)
  12. I would start with a good blog develop a devoted following. Get some advertisement then take what you have on your blog with more detail, better pictures, etc. and get to writing. Good luck let me know how it goes I would love to see it even if you do self publish. (which is becoming a bigger and better way like indie music...)
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