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  1. Hi: I'm interested in the Orvis Silver Label waders. Available sizing is better than some other brands and the cost, with the exchange rate to Canadian funds, is decent. Anyone have experience with this model? Regards.
  2. I've used the Teton Tioga for the past two years. Great reel. Regards
  3. I stopped six weeks ago after smoking for some forty years. I used the nicorettes which helped, but the primary motivation was the $$ ( Canadian!) saved. It wasn't easy for the first couple of weeks and I still would like to light up "just one". So far I have resisted the temptation. It's a good decision on your part and I wish you all the best. Regards
  4. 21. The back of Canadian coins is the Queen. The front has the Bluenose and the Loon. Regards
  5. Glad you like your jacket. As in my previous post the model I have has served me well. Cabela's quality and guarantee match the big names. Enjoy! Regards
  6. I've been using the Orvis braided loops for two years and have had no problems. The convenience of switching leaders as necessary is great. Regards.
  7. Hi - (I think I've seen your name on the hipwader site.) I have the Cabela's wading jacket - 149.95 US in their current catalogue. I purchased it sight unseen and have been happy with it. Lots of pockets and water repellency has been good. In looking around at other models i.e. Simms, Bare, Orvis, LL Bean, etc., Cabela's seem a good value even in Canadian $. Check Cabela's return policy as I believe they will take an item back for whatever reason. Hope this helps.
  8. Here are four I've found to be useful: The Fly Tying Bible, Gathercole Essential Trout Flies, Hughes Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies, Marriner Fly Tying Tips and Reference Guide, Stewart Regards
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