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  1. How about adding classic dry flies(maybe even classic nymphs) in with the Classic Streamer and Wet Fly Tying Forum? :dunno:
  2. In my opinion Okay, you came up with a fly that works well where you fish. That's awesome. It's easy to get caught up in the hope that you've created the next Adams. The first thing I would do is tie a few and send them to reputable (the more reputable the better)guys to field test them for you and give you some feedback on it. You never know, maybe a material on the fly doesn't have enough movement, etc. That's the kind of feedback you'll get and 6 months down the road your fly may have evolved a little more. Or maybe when fished by people without a biased opinion you'll find your fly isn't what you thought it was. Maybe for some reason it doesn't work very well in other geographic areas. Or you may find that your fly has already been invented and you didn't even know it. In the long run you and your fly will be better for it. I wouldn't bother patenting it, I think people who patent flies are silly. But getting it published is a good idea if you want to have the credit for it's design. Only problem with that is once your pattern is out there, anyone can tie it. Including the "big money". But again, flies that work well for panfish are pretty easy to come by. Keep contacting editors, if that doesn't work out contact Al Beatty([email protected]). He writes a column in Fly Fish America that showcases flies such as yours. Another option is to contact writers. Some(actually all) fly fishing mags give preference to writers who already have their name out there. And writers are always looking for something to write about.
  3. Yeah I agree 200%, it should come with the arm in the first place
  4. That's sweet man :headbang:
  5. Love the name change! :headbang: Looks like all the bases are covered(except realistic :ripped: ) and I'll be pre-ordering ASAP! :yahoo:
  6. I think it would work great :headbang:
  7. Anyone know where to get Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey hooks in quantities higher than the 10pks? 100pks would be ideal
  8. How about this one, seems a little better for the kinds of conditions it'll be put through Sandisk 1GB Extreme III Secure Digital SD Card or I could go with the same card but at 2GB for about $15 more
  9. One other question- How many pictures will a 1GB card hold for a 7.1 megapixel camera? I plan on using the video feature a lot too, would I be better off going up to a 2GB or 3GB card?
  10. I am looking for a good memory card for an Pentax Optio w30. Right now I'm leaning towards this one Sandisk 1GB Ultra II (SD) Card My first question is do you think this is a good one, or should I go with something else? My second question is are all SD memory cards the same size(will they all work with my camera?)
  11. I'm ready to order a camera, and am trying to decide where to order from online. I don't want to deal with whomever I order from trying to sell me a bunch of accessories, etc. after I place my order. I know what I want and I just want to hit submit and get my camera in the mail a few days later. So who would you guys reccomend?
  12. glad they finally made it. don't talk smack about the postal service, they're armed and dangerous
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