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  1. Great looking flies I wish I could keep my boxes that organized! Redside
  2. Thanks for all the great comments on my flies The hackle on the last 2 spey flies Green and Blue some long Shlappen hackle Orange some exotic bird someone gave me,I dont have any idea what it is but it makes for good spey hackle Redside
  3. Hi Here are some spey flies I tied Yesterday The Blue and Green Spey is a color combo I have never tried Has anyone ever tried this combo for steelhead? Redside
  4. Great looking fly I have had good success for steelhead with peacock Redside
  5. Great looking spey fly I love the colors with the bronze mallard wing
  6. Thanks for all the great comments on my spey fly Today the high temp was 17 and the low was 4 With the wind blowing it makes it to cold to go outside for more then 30min I will be glad when this weather changes to warmer weather
  7. The weather has been to cold to go fishing so I decided to tie some spey flies Here is my favorite one Redside
  8. Hi everyone This is a great resource for flies and patterns Glad to be a new member
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