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  1. Horseshoes, The grey bucktail and some hooks showed up and you did a fantastic job at dying it. I'll start and tie them up. Thanks again, Ian
  2. Just waiting for 1 set to show up and 1 swapper has not responded to my pm's so we will be down 1 swapper. I will either send one of your flies back or I'll tie an extra one up for everyone. I'll keep you posted and get them out as soon as the last set shows up. Ian
  3. I started by following Ronn Lucas's lessons. I must have done lesson 1 50 times before I moved on to lesson 2. You can't go wrong by following these. http://www.ronnlucassr.com/dress.htm
  4. pickapeckof, I had 15 really freakin huge flies land on the door step Friday night. Those stingers really work! I know first hand. What is the wire that you use for the stingers, it's freakin stiff and strong. I can't wait to get a 12wt to toss them around. I'm going to see if my snowbee 8/9 13'6" spey rod can chuck em in the near future but I'm taken the barbs off first. :headbang: Ian
  5. That would be an awesome walleye fly :rockon:
  6. Just waiting to hear back from 1 tyer and 2 are on the way, so by the looks of it I should have these back in the mail on the 26 or 27th. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time I'll try and get pictures up for what I do have early next week. Ian
  7. 5 down 3 to go. If every one else can let me know if they've hit the mail box yet I'd appreciate it. Then we can get some idea when I can get them in the mail. Ian
  8. Sorry Chance no computer at home and yesterday was a holiday. Something big, pink and purple showed up on Friday. Great job and thanks for the extras. :headbang:
  9. My prayers are with you. Hope everything goes well. Ian
  10. No really I'm a good choice...I can't run too fast :hyst:
  11. No need to panic yet, depending on the border it could take upto 3 weeks to get here. I'll keep you posted. Ian ---------------- Steve, The little one is really cool :headbang: , I was thinking that would be great for crappies. I might get the boat out on the weekend to give it a shot. Ian
  12. Good to hear. I was affraid they would join the set you sent down a few months ago. :wallbash: someone in customs is having fun. This maybe a good career change.
  13. Steve (BassBugn) - Your Fire Tiger's have arrived and they rock :headbang: , thanks for the extra's. Ian
  14. Nothing yet but they are coming a long way. Also if there really nice my postman is probably fishing them first before he delivers them. It's only happened a couple of times but I'm sure they will show up. Ian
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