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  1. wow its been a long time since Ive stopped in here! Glad you all are still keepin it real
  2. it happens to all of us. no worries!
  3. 55 sounds cold to me as well I was thinking more like 60 65. In the St Joe and Kzoo I will see them get protective of an area in early May. In the lakes I can tell you it is 60 to 65 for sure. We hit pre spawn every year on a lake in Northern Mi and get prespawn smallies in 58 to 61 degree water at the end of May and early June. IMHO Moon Phase has EVERYTHING! to do with spawning activity. But I believe it has to do with available light. IE. the Salmon and Steelhead move up stream faster and in bigger numbers over night on clear full moons. The Bluegills move to shore to bed from May to September. Every Full moon. Yes Gills bed all summer long. But what ever the reason I do know that fish move in full moons. And Night fishing is always better in full moons. Available light! So Here is what I do. I fish smallies until the water hits 63. then Im off them for 2 weeks or so. At that point Largemouth are prespawn. and the panfish are hot. Carp spawn in the same temp as smallies thus I could not catch a carp if I wanted to. They do not eat while spawning. Pike and Walleyes are hot as well.
  4. Nice fly! But what Vice is that?
  5. I second the Orange comment! They are aggressive toward Orange
  6. day5

    Wading boots

    Call Brian @ the nomad angler. He sells Korker.
  7. Nice tie!! I like it!
  8. The Carp Lines are GREAT. Joel I say the same thing when I see a new nymphing line. Really? Nymphing? WTF? But the carp gear is normally good to great for carping. I think Ray Bergman said it best "you find that all they do is to arrive at fundamentals from different angles, that is getting a fly or bait to the fish so that they accept it" Tomato Toe-ma-toe. Right? But Carping can be the most difficult fresh water fish to catch on fly gear. Try casting a heavy nymph on a regular BRIGHT ORANGE floating line quietly.
  9. day5


    See I can tie bugs too! This is a new bug I tied up for carp this year. I need to get a black fox tail so I can do some up in black and olive. The common dragon fly nymph in the area is black with a olive under belly.
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by day5: HoverMover
  11. Matt you are awesome! Now how can we get an HMH standard in your hands?
  12. Call HMH Directly. They will answer your questions. I have the tube adapter that replaces the Jaws on my spartan and it is SWEET!! But HMH will be happy to answer your questions. I do not sell the spinner vise or the tube jaw. But I can get the spartan, standard and the normal adapter that clamps in your jaws. See site below. You cant go wrong with HMH!! Check my site out below.
  13. The Hex shop booth has a shi.....uh crap ton of Fish Skulls for sale! Ill be tying there as well. Be sure to say HI!!
  14. They are found at www.barrlowstackle.com under lure making. They not only have the wide cut but extra long ones as well. They have the thick cut in all kinds of colors stripes barbed wire etc..... The best selection bay far!!! And believe me Ive looked!
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