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  1. I use a lot of Polar Bear for my salmon flies here in Iceland but the best substitutes I found was the Arctic Runner and Polar Pony hair. Its fantastic material to use for you salmon, trout and small saltwater flies. Today I buy most of the hair from here; www.pickafly.com since its really difficult to get a quality material online. I usually have to touch and feel the material before buying it but the owner of the site knows what is good quality and doesn't send bad quality materials.
  2. Merry Christmas / Gleðileg jól - Micke and everyone else on this forum... greetings from Iceland Palli
  3. Long time since last post... but Im getting into gear now.. This looks good but Mr. Haugur knows everything about this fly... he is the creator
  4. Hi Siggi See some autumn colors there For you or are you tying for someone else and where is he/she going to fish? Palli
  5. Bob just send me some flies...that crazy tying mashine is unstoppable and I just wanted to show you guys what kind a man he is... Thanks bob - you are awesome. Going to ranga river next wednesday and you sure know what flies I will be using... ps. Áfram Ísland
  6. Hæ Nice crip you have there... Like the Smjövi box Good to have another Icelander on this forum... I promise to be more active when the salmon season is over.. Palli
  7. Hi bob Here is Dimmbla --> but Dimmbla means Royal blue or Dark Blue - http://www.frances.is/Vorur/Vorur/Laxaflugur/dimmblatvi.jpg
  8. Bob... Again I love your flies... the akroyed is beond by wildest dreams but one thing about Dimmbla is that you are not using the right colors... Dimmbla means Royal Blue The tag is right but the feathers should have been the same color... Cheers Palli
  9. Takk takk siggi No the recipe isn't a secret... I used every squirrel tail I had and used in the wing. Started with the brightest (white) and ended with the darkest (royal blue)... Tail is black and white crystal flash and the body is just black thread. Hackle is black... Skál Palli
  10. Hi Two weeks now none fishing so I took some time and tyed a fly that has been a great success for me this summer. Its name is Sunna and this one is tied on a hook size 14... Have caught 4 salmons - two 90 cm, one 85 and one 68 cm, some seatrout and also a arctic char... Skál Palli
  11. Another great job Bob... Green butt skunk is awesome... If anyone wants to buy this book, you can order it from here --> http://www.boksala.is/EN/DesktopDefault.as...8/prodid-45424/
  12. Great fly - do you use loop tubes when your are fishing?
  13. you sure are a tying machine... Beautiful munroes. Also the longtail version of munreo is great in the autumn here in Iceland. Arctic Runner aka Polar Pony in the USA is an Icelandic Pony hair...
  14. What a beauties... One of the most famous Icelandic salmon patterns.. A+ for tying
  15. Hope you like it my friend
  16. Steve.. No, I didn't get your mail? Frame the picture - this was the smallest one I caught? One 95 cm this morning Waiting to catch the 100 cm plus salmon and that picture will be framed with the fly it takes. 17 salmons caught now, the smallest one is 14 lbs and the biggest is 19 lbs :) Love Iceland... Mark. I never kill salmon and it is not allowed to kill any salmon in "my" river. Palli
  17. Just showing off and wanted to thank Bob for this fly he sent me. Green butt skunk I think the name is. Salmon caught in Vatnsdalsa river on a pool called Torfhvammshylur..
  18. HAHA I called the police and asked if they could tan the hide of the polar bear and send it to me for fly tying Earthquake... that was some on big earthquake but only minor accidents in southwest of Iceland. The fly name was hare something... I looked it up last weekand but its similar to the trout flie Zulu... Palli
  19. ... and another one while he was fighting the fish...
  20. Hi Jens I put all your flies in a box and I cant remember the name of this fly at the moment but I will look tell you when I get home... Went fishing yesterday and my friend cought this one in river here in Iceland... lost one that we think was between 12 - 15 lbs..
  21. Did you say seals fur Glad you could use it... Really like it
  22. Hi bob... What is the name of the flies, I love the green one, could be a killer salmon fly.
  23. Great style and color... awesome job.
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