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  1. The season is getting closer so i dived into the archive and found A MUST HAVE IN THE FLYBOX :-) Terje
  2. This is a macro shot from a piece of an ice block. It kind of look like a part of a face with eyes of some kind of an ice creature :-) I thought it was really cool and became fascinated of how nature can create sculptures like this :-) Terje
  3. Thanks a lot, Bill :-) :-) I acctually consider it one of my best too :-) :-) .......i really loved the light on this one and also the scenery :-) When it comes to Mikes view i have absolutely no problems with that whatsoever :-) A photo either appeal to you or it does´nt :-) In my opinion man made items can be a nice addition to any photo used right, and i will not let anything limit my creativity or view of nature based on what other people mean (no offence Mike :-) ) You have every right to see things your way, and i will continue to se the world through my eyes and in my own way :-) :-) It´s as simple as that :-) :-) FlaFly: Found it was not the right words in this case........it was rather "came over this man made pyramid" i guess :-) Thanks a lot, btw :-) :-) Thanks guys :-) Terje
  4. The spring is getting closer but still there is ice and snow to see in my hometown. The good thing is that the weather is getting warmer and within a few weeks the snow will disappear :-) :-) A few weeks back i went down to the lake to take a look at the sunset and hopefully get a phto or two. I found a ice pyramid and tried to make something out of it while the sun went down on the other side of the lake. I think it became quite nice. Terje
  5. Not advice but more of a "Id like to see what it looks like from that angle" kind of thing lol advice you do not need my friend. Oh yess i do :-) :-) I´m just an amateur and will take all the advice i can get :-) :-) Terje
  6. I´ll take your advice into consideration, josephcsylvia and Bill :-) :-) Thanks guys :-) Terje
  7. he he he he :-) :-) :-) ...........Thanks a lot, Mike :-) :-) Terje
  8. Thanks a lot, joseph :-) I thought i acctually had a low perspectiv on this one as i was sitting down, but it´s possible to get even lower......so i might look at that challenge later on :-) :-) Terje
  9. Thanks ever so much, FlaFly :-) :-) Norway has many different landscapes to offer......it´s all about where in the country you live :-) :-) Terje
  10. I have no idea why this piece of ice was just standing there, maybe someone has put it there.......it was frozen into the ice and perfect for photographing :-) :-) Terje
  11. Thanks a lot Bill, that´s really nice to hear :-) :-) Terje
  12. Thanks a lot, FlaFly :-) It was about 2.30 in the afternoon :-) Terje
  13. Strangely enough i have´nt had any problems with that so far :-) :-) Terje
  14. It sure is, josephcsylvia :-) It´s quite heavy but extremely sharp :-) Terje
  15. Thanks a lot guys for your kind comments :-) :-) I got to do something to shorten the winter so i guess getting out with the camera is some kind of therapy :-) :-) Terje
  16. Thanks a lot, FlaFly :-) It´s cold alright :-) Terje
  17. That´s a really great shot :-) :-) Terje Thank you Terje, you have some amazing work yourself. What set up do you shoot with? Thanks a lot :-) I have a Nikon D800 and a few Nikon lenses :-) ....... Nikon 105mm f2,8 macro, Nikon 14-24mm f2,8, Nikon 70-200mm f2,8 and Nikon 300mm f2,8 VR1 Terje
  18. It´s tuff and hopefully you are right about the spring coming.......but i´m afraid we have to put up with really cold weather another 4-6 weeks :-) Terje
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